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Forget My Name
14-10-06, 02:27
Character - Steve Irwin

WARNING this is not a joke in any way, good or bad taste. This is a serious character in game and he has a purpose. Think of this as more homage to the man than anything else.

22 may 2727

I was grown within the vats of MC5. Why I was created, I was not told. I ran out of MC5 and vanished into Doy. There I ran into Fallen Angels, and thusly I have joined that Faction.

24 may 2727

Over the past two days I was taught about what happened to earth since my death. Everyone I know, gone. No records of them anywhere, except for what was stored in my mind. My dna.

Being a man of adventure, I realised that family life would never be for me in this new world, so, I set out to begin hunting trophies. Having no environmental laws placed on animals out in the world, I could finally hunt animals for real, and not worry about the reprocusions of killing them will do to the environment. I also realsied new earth has no environment to speak of. I was given a list of the most adventurous critters to hunt, and after picking up my rifles made for me by fellow Fallen Angels, I set out to hunt the creatures.

CRITTER # 1 - Big Black Roach

I set off from Fallen Angels HQ. Big Black Roach, I was told, is one of the faster critters one could hunt. Could my hands steady enough to rack one as a trophy? Wish me luck, as this is my first time out in DoY hunting anything. First time in 700 years hunting anything really....

25 may 2797

I found my first quary. Located in Abandoned Secotr 10, I found a level 4 sewer pasted to the ground. Inside I found the Big Black Roach immediately, but regretably, I also found mutants. I cannot go any further until I located some ways of mending my wounds... Off to various vendors to see what I could find!

Forget My Name
14-10-06, 03:31
25 may 2797

As I was searching for anything this new future had to help heal my wounds, I rana cross a few promising areas in the City Center. After buying some psi equipment and modules, I ventured into these new areas. The first, directly under the psi shop, had no big roaches in it. The second, located near a city center exit, held big black roaches!

Unfortunately, after killing a few roaches and finding no carcasses, I witnessed my death for the second time in my life. But this time, teh technology of the future kept me alive, and I was replicated at a gene replicator. I didn't have fear for death 700 years ago, adn I certainly do not have it now in this new, strange earth!

My mistake this time? Armor. I never wore any armor back in my previous life, but I realized that my body cannot take the stryfe of constant radiation, and mutant bullets! After a short nap, I shall venture back to City Center or Abandoned Sector 10 and continue my hunt for the Big Black Roach.

Forget My Name
16-10-06, 08:19
1 jan 2750 (I see the date system is still busted in the game huh)

After unsuccefully finding any decent prey in the Dome to hunt, I decided to hit the wastelands for the first time. What betetr way than through Venture Warp? I stepped up to a VW machine and turned it on...

I was gene dumped right in front of Neocron City itself! Now, all the lessons I learned whiole being educated by my FA teachers simple said teh same thing, avoid anyone form teh City at all costs! So, I couldn't ignore my curiousity of the city, and I couldn't just walk INTO the city, so I had to find another way into the city besides is front doors.

After a bit of searching, I found a secret entrance which led me straight into the old Black Dragons HQ located in the pit of Pepper Park. I was greeted by teh remaining BD guards in the old HQ and left into pepper park. I quickly activated a local gene rep incase some citizen decided to make mince meat out of me.

Afetr exploring the level 3 sewers in all three pepper parks, I have come to the conclusion that no carcass drops from Big Black Roaches. I am now done with this critter and on to something a bit hairier... Droms!

(I dont see how carcasses fall from roaches since they drop more and less than 5 piece of loot. Maybe the Big Bad Roach carcass drop is currently bugged on Terra?)

Forget My Name
16-10-06, 18:32
20 June 2797

Critter # 2 - Giant Diseased Rat

After wandering around the Industrail Sector 2A, I found a sewer entrance to a place called Main Sewer 5.

(I havent been in this sewer since 2002. I knew it would be worth something to me someday. Like most of the outzone, this area was always worthless to me simply because of plaza 2 aggie cellars)

Inside I imediately found a ladder leading out of the muck water and onto a set of railings. What a find! Tons and Tons of rats! All Diseased! And if they are all diseased, then some of them might be of the Giant species. And bingo, I was right. After about 30 minutes of hunting, killing rats and rats and rats, I found my first Carcass. A Giant Diseased Rat Carcass! What a sight to behold!


Forget My Name
16-10-06, 20:26
21 June 2797

After getting a few new rifles created, I am off into the hinterlands north of Neocron. This area has been well explored by previous hunters, and I therefore walk in their footsteps in search of prey they once hunted.

Leaving form the Outzone Sector 9, I make my way north, to the swamp lands west of Tech Haven for meatier prey. Once I get there, I shall spot out my targets and record them down here.

Forget My Name
16-10-06, 23:22
22 June 2797

Walking a bit north of a rather run down building cluster called Point Red, I encountered an outpost in the distance. Before the outpost, I ran into some Anarchy Breed. There, they informed me that you could make good trophies out of the surrounding alpha wolve males. I decided to set up a tent for the evening and continue my hunt tomorrow. Alpha Wolves are going to be my next hunt.

Forget My Name
18-10-06, 03:19
2 July 2797

After many days of hunting, I have decided to give up on the Alpha Wolves for now (over 8 hours of hunting in rl). Instead I begin my trek north. I heard of an area where one could hunt tons of swamp critters with impunity.

I pack my tent and equipment up, say goodbye to the local Anarchy Breed I have befriended, and make my way northward to some area called gravis.