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06-10-06, 12:21
Dotted around the wastelands, there are various drug sellers. Not sure of their complete lists, but the interesting products they sell are:

Poison Resist Potion
Xray Resist Potion
Energy Resist Potion
Fire Resist Potion
Force Resist Potion
Advanced Antishock
Concentrated Antishock
Advanced Antidote
Concentrated Antidote
Advanced Damageblocker
Concentrated Damageblocker
Advanced Stealthbreaker
Concentrated Stealthbreaker

Unfortunatley, I don't know many locations for these guys.
Crest Village has one, in the GR building, along the long corridor.
Theres one in B08 too, in some broken down builldings on the road running west.
Feel free to add others, my memory is a touch blank right now.

06-10-06, 12:50
He he, i didnt want to add them, but since you did it now, ill post the Rest:

You can also get them at Sieger Uplink (near the Impsmuggler) and Escador Oasis (also near the Impsmuggler).