View Full Version : Smugglers: PSI-Stuff

05-10-06, 20:03
Several Smugglers available here: In NC there are several Smugglers for lower Stuff in Pepper Park 3. Just use the Navray -> PSI-Equipment. And try looking around, theyre not in Room but astray in the local Area.

At Military Base there are several Smugglers for lower Stuff available in the City Merc HQ. They are also not in one Room.

Its easy to get PSI-Stuff in the Dome, since there are several PSI Stores where you can get most lower Stuff.

All HIGH (APU TL50 and PPU TL35 up) Stuff can be bought at the Smuggler in the Crahn HQ, just right of the Entrance (hidden very well, nearly fades into the Wall). He also sells Monk PA's 1 and 2.

06-10-06, 15:50
There are smugglers equivilant to the PP3 Psi Support, Psi Energy and Psi Equipment in Club Jailouse, Outzone 9 also.

27-01-08, 21:22
The smuggler for the higher TL PSI equipment has been moved from Crahn HQ to Pepper Park 2, just in front of the Tiki Tornado Club and the Temple of Cleaning Fire. It's on one of the upper levels in PP2.