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05-10-06, 19:55
Theres a Smuggler in NC in Pepper Park 3, next to some PSI-Smugglers, he sells Apartments in Outzone and Pepper Park.

Another Smuggler in the Dome in Abandoned Sector 4 sells Appartments in Random Locations and Appartments in Sector 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8.

Apartments in the Canyon are available from the Twilight Guardian-FSM (Faction Supply Manager) afaik (as far as i know). :D

06-10-06, 07:29
The smuggler in the Dome is labeled Barkeeper afaik. While not really a smuggler, but to complete the list, in TH2 you have a guy selling TH apartments.

06-10-06, 09:38
Hes not labeled Barkeeper, hes labeled "Apartments" and i know for sure, i wrote the List of him personally. Forgot the Trader in TH

Apartments in TH can be bought from a Employee there.
Head up to the Tech Haven Administration. The Guy standing there, is actually a YO's and the Guy on the right Side behind him, sells Apartments in TH.

06-10-06, 15:24
There is an apartment smuggler in Outzone 9 (old jailhouse). He sells Pepper Park and Outzone appartments.

26-12-08, 20:38
The PP3 Smuggler no longer appareas to sell Pepper Park apartments- anyone know where you buy them from now?


NVM found him in PP1

27-12-08, 13:17
This thread is 2 years old the info is wrong