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05-10-06, 19:52
You can get most Armors in NC, MB, DoY and the TG Canyon.
Some Smugglers sell Inquisition Armor (against Fire) and some even PA's (Power Armor) for each Class.

PSI-Monk PA's 1 and 2 can be bought at the Crahn HQ in the Dome. The Smuggler is just right from the Entrance and "hidden" VERY well, he nearly fades into the Wall, you have to look very good. He also sells other PSI-Stuff (including ALL PSI-Modules from TL50 (APU) and TL35 (PPU) up).

Private Eye Pa's 1 and 2 are available from a Smuggler in NC in Plaza 2, next to the Entrance to the Protopharma Lab.

Spy PA's 1 and 2 can be bought in TH Sector 3, the Smuggler is next to the Entrance to the Apartments. Hes the ONLY Source for all Heavy Belts also (Deflector, Poison, Fire and Energy).

Tank PA's 1 and 2 are available at the Armor Smuggler at MB. Just go to the Runner Housings on the right Side when you come from the Center GR.

Inquisition Armor 1, 2 and 3 can be bought in nearly all Weapon Shops in the Dome. Inquisition Armor 4 is only available from the Armor Smuggler in the Canyon.

06-10-06, 07:50
INQ 1-3 is only sold in Boobs'n'Guns stores in DoY, talk to the lady with the least clothes on :o

The smuggler in MB who sells Tank PAs 1 and 2 also sells Duranium armor up to level 4.

There is or used to be an armor smuggler in TS sector in DoY, but I dunno if he sells anything specific which you cannot obtain in other DoY stores. Same for the smuggler in IND1, if he even exists still (Dragon Wrath guys all around :rolleyes: ).

06-10-06, 11:55
Thx to Darkana for this one:

Industrial Area Sector 1. Hes hidden behind a locked Door and got nothing special so i wont write an exact List. Hes got Duranium 1, 2 and 3 though.