View Full Version : Smugglers: Rifles - Lowtech

05-10-06, 19:02
Theres only one Lowtech Rifle Smuggler i know of and hes in Pepper Park 3 next to the GR.

TL 5 Standard Street Model Rifle
TL 9 Pumpgun
TL13 Archer Companion Rifle
TL21 Enhanced Street Model Rifle
TL23 A&W Protector Pumpgun
TL30 Assault Rifle
TL35 Tangent Enforcer Pumpgun
TL38 Unlabeled Gatlin Rifle
TL40 A&W Steady RF-113 Rifle
TL44 Enhanced Assault Rifle

There are 2 more Rifles sold at the Lowtech Cannon Smuggler at MB:
TL61 Gatlin Rifle
TL79 Enhanced Gatlin Rifle

Dont know why he got them, but hes got them and ill add them to that Smuggler too.

06-10-06, 07:58
They combined the gatlin cannons and rifles into one smuggler, because there are only 2 higher TL gatlin rifles, compared to a good handful gatlin and rocketlauncher stuff for both cannons and pistols (so could have merged them with the pistol smuggler instead, doesn't matter in the end).