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Mission 1 - Go to Twister Club in I09. Speak to Delvin Jones to begin mission 1.
Thanks to Immersion (http://forum.neocron.com/member.php?u=39182) for writing this Mission's guide.

All the weapon parts can be collected beforehand.
Tip: DO NOT TAKE OUT A WEAPON at the Twister Club. No stealth tools, no hack tools, no flashlights, no psi modules, no drones.... etc
1. Speak with Juri Netshajev. He wants 15 'Advanced Autonome Gyroscope System v 0.1.9. These can be looted from the 100/100 Juggernauts in the Juggernaut Facility. Speak with Delvin.
2. Speak with Joan Morrison. She wants the diary from her sister's body. It can be found in the 100/100 room of the Juggernaut Facility. Speak with Delvin.
3. Speak with Ginger in Tech Haven 2. She is the blue skirted stripper model, located by the Medicare center. Speak with Delvin.

Mission 2 - Speak with Delvin again to start Mission 2.

1. Delvin wants two 'Electronical Taggerdevice v 0.1.1,' three 'Subliminal Targeting System v 0.2.5,' and one 'Advanced Autonome Gyroscope System v 0.1.9.'
2. Talk to Delvin again. You will give the parts away at this point and receive the password for the database, do not cancel speech at this point or you will give away any extra parts you have. Follow speech all the way to the end.
3. Go to the Gaia mine is F-13. You want to go to the second level door, turn left and take the first door on the 'outside' wall. This will lead to a dead end where a terminal will be. It is possible that a few 120/120 mobs will be there. Remember the password is Je34kkE and you need 1 Empty Datacube. Select the right password and then scroll down to select the ion weapon.
4. Go talk to Delvin again, he will direct you to talk to Tinkerbell. She is located in Tech haven 1 next to some tool/chemical/parts vendors. She will ask you to wait for 10 minutes while she constructs the weapon.... yes, you need to wait for 5-10 real minutes.
5. Go back to Delvin again to activate the weapon. Slots and stats will now be given to the weapon.

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though unless you're dual logged, not really a place to go solo

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Thanks BL I reread it and then went to wiki and realized its the same zone, duh!

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what my soul cluster cant kill these? ;D

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lol, don't think so, besides, if they die, you have to hack them, and even a ppu dies to juggernauts (well mostly the soulcluster would die fast :p)