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The first of the saga was Skojax. A powerful tank who was feared all throughout the wastelands. Skojax had just settled down in a brand new outzone apartment to help raise his baby son Drevious. Soon after his birth Skojax was called to the Military Base for a important meeting. The so called "Mercs" hired Skojax to eliminate a very sly enemy of the Mercs. Skojax set out on his missions searching for a nameless runner who was only identifieable by the scar under his left eye.

After weeks of traveling through the dangerous wastelands on foot Skojax came across a small village where a man generously offered him food for his stomach and a place to sleep. Upon awakening from what seemed like a years worth of sleep Skojax found himself in a strange place. Only to further realize that his plasma cannon and rocket launcher were missing. He quickly jumped up and ran to the door. As he began to place his hand on the door it suddenly open to reveal the old man who had taken him in. Before he could ask for an explanation the old man asked him to sit down. After many words and many many Cron 55's the man had taken his weapons in fear that he was the night prowler who had been harassing the local farmers. A man who they called "Night Spider" had been terrorizing the village and stealing food for the past week the old man explained. Skojax agree'd to help get rid of this heathen the only way he knew how, a plasma packet and a pelvic thrust.

That night Skojax waited patiently outside the old mans house in a bush nexto a couple Drom who were gnawing at the branches on the bush. Time passed and he noticed a cloudy figure moving along the shadows. The figure then crossed the dirt road taking a swift movement towards the old mans house. Upon entering the house Skojax followed behind him with guns blazing. Before he could identify who this was he watched as the old man fell victem to a large green explosion. Skojax gripped his gun tight and engaged the man in a very flashy and competative duel. After several minutes of plasma flying everywhere the townspeople had began to gather outside the door. Upon entering they found skojax standing over the man only to see him deliver the final blow illuminating the whole room. Before anyone could thank or even ask skojax what had happened he was gone just like the wind.

To be continued...

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Then Cream Cracker appeared and said "WTF that was my Bitch" and killed skojax with no hassle at all, 'Sex'd skojax's body and walkd off into the sunset

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In your dreams.

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i like it

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Nice - Althought -

Thanxs for not telling every1 you say Pantho' with hose droms baby :)


Eat the sig napper - Night folks..

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What? No hate for apoc? i better be in the second chapter you arse

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*goes to finish his second chapter making sure skojax is in it*

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