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09-08-06, 01:39
Why did we stay here as the ships were loading? I should have left this poisoned world...

I see myself in a crowd, out of control, but not obviously, just inside. I stop in front of a hovercab stop and walk out into the street, then turn around to face the people waiting on the sheep herder.

Slowly, agonizingly, I bite the index finger off my right hand and chew it up and swallow it. Middle finger, you are next. Ring finger or pinky next? Pinky I think. Then the thumb damn that weak digit, but so useful! My right hand is now dripping blood and is but a stump.

The shocked people in front of me can't do a thing, they are absolutely frozen with shock. My eyes are the only things telling the story, I am screaming inside despite my calm exterior. "STOP ME STOP ME STOP ME!" I am screaming, but no one can.

Next I tear off my left ear with my left hand and eat it too. Then the right ear, the same way. Look at you fingers on my remaining functional hand! You look so tasty! The fingers of my left hand follow the ones of my right.

I don't need a tongue! Munch munch! Lips? What good are they? Nibble nibble. Not much else I can do now... So my eyes look into the infinite distance and I crumple to the roadway, my performance over. But my mind? It's still going, such as going can be called...

09-08-06, 02:00
[OT] i think you need some help

but all in all i think it was good lil story

09-08-06, 02:10
Dude, theres a Rockos sea food just round the corner...

09-08-06, 03:04
This happens all the time... when I think I could have left this place...

My hands reach up and press against my face, my fingers start to claw at me... they want to tear my eyes out, and I want them to do it, but they won't obey. Fingers don't you have the guts? Don't you want to end the misery that is the vision of this world? Tear my eyes out and be done with it you worthless appendages!

But they don't listen, and my eyes remain, to look at the decaying poisoned world I live in.

09-08-06, 03:09
where are you ill eat your eye lol

10-08-06, 00:15
Dude, theres a Rockos sea food just round the corner...

Sry but that made me almost wet myself :P

10-08-06, 00:27
No more drugs... for that (http://forum.neocron.com/member.php?u=4139) man.

10-08-06, 00:32
8| :D