View Full Version : [Mars] [GvT] WTT for items.

03-08-06, 20:53
OK, i'm in need of an SA and a Judge.

I have to offer just about every weapon a tank could need, all well slotted, aswell as a Hercules chip.

PM me if interested.

04-08-06, 19:12
OK, stuff i have:-

3 slot radioactive CS
3 slot ultimated splitter Moonstriker
1 slot radiactive Doombeamer
1 slot radioactive Ravager
Protopharma resistor
Hercules chip

I also have a 2 slot NC1 devourer modded with Cerosine and War Gas, and depending on how good an offer i get (if it includes say, a gaia glove, id consider throwing it in).

05-08-06, 19:04
OK, got all i need now, mods please close.

05-08-06, 19:45
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