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Archa Ic
11-07-06, 23:14
Hey people.

Dunno how many of you roleplay on campaign settings such as Vampire, Mage, D&D but here is an idea that may interest some of you.

I find the Neocron atmosphere extremly cool, and its history and setting quite good.

Now here is my thought, base a campaign on the world of neocron. Now here is my problem, I dont know on what meta game system i should rely on to come close to the atmosphere of the game system, class wise, weapon wise ect...

This is for now just an idea, but if some people are motivated, we could even create a non official neocron campaign setting, like a small PDF booklet with basic rules and the universe of Neocron.

Anyone motivated?

12-07-06, 00:53
personally, i'd use gurps or cp2020 - the first is easy to adapt, the second is allready set in a cyperpunk-setting, so the basic mechanics are there, adaption would thus be fairly easy...

12-07-06, 03:37
i'd use gurps too. should be pretty easy to adapt the game into it as the base rules are generic and you can pretty much build the rest into it. or use the cyberpunk sourcebook :p

12-07-06, 09:30
I'd say gurps too or maybe the VtM dot thingy.

12-07-06, 09:42
Feel free to contact me when you have a realisable concept for such a tabletop. I will then see if and how we can support you with this.

12-07-06, 11:41
There are many game systems you can use here.

GURPS has been mentioned already and has a load of books for various settings which could be scavanged for a NC one.

Other ones are: Fudge (http://www.fudgerpg.com/fudge.html), which is more like a lightweight RPG system but can be easily adapted to almost everything you need; the d20 system (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20/welcome), which is used for the D&D3 stuff, for example the KOTOR games make use of it, too; Shadowrun (http://www.shadowrunrpg.com/), which probably comes pretty close to what Neocron is (scifi cyberpunk with magic, however, they have elves and such ;)) and many many more. Another system you may want to think about is the one used in Fallout (I've stumbled across a rulebook somewhere years ago).

It's not easy to decide ...

12-07-06, 12:05
hehe they've just started to make a fallout rpg based on the d20 rules (even officially afaik) :p

Dribble Joy
12-07-06, 16:38
There's allways Necromunda (http://www.specialist-games.com/necromunda/Default.asp).

Could easily mod the rules and things for an NC setting.

12-07-06, 19:15
Cyberpunk 2020 by R.Talsorian Games Their Website (http://www.talsorian.com/cpindex.shtml)

Or I could simple help you create one from scratch, I've done it serveral times, kinda a hobby of mine, Once had a 200page rule book in the works :) (never finished it as the harddrive with data on died and i gave up haha. Had an old paper copy of it which i used so.

13-07-06, 09:34
You can use the Fallout SPECIAL system :)

Archa Ic
13-07-06, 19:12
Well the thing is we need a system flexible enough to incorporate all the fancy stuff of neocron to different damage types to different armors, not forgeting implants and vehicles, but also simple.

I think the d20 system could be a good idea.

Here is a few scrap ideas.

Metagaming wise you could have something like 7 traits, using 5 of the main neocron ones. Basing them on the D20 system and 3D6


Adding to that:

Awerness (wisdom for the intimates)

For metagame and roleplaying purposes.

Use the 4 genotype as races with bonus to that.

Something like:

Gentank +4 str, +4 con, -6psi, 4 int.
Monk. +4 psi, +4 Int, -4 cons, -4 str
PE: No bonuses or -, +1 to feats and skills per level.
Spy: +4 dex, +4 int, -3 psi, -3 cons, -2 str.

Then you make classes up and base them on the Neocron Starting class.

Guns: Based on a dice system, including damage type.
Armor: Based on AC and damage absorption.

Psi Spells: A mix between a regenerating Psi pool and some spell per days.

Afterwards. The setting is important. So, using part of the neocron manual as well as game experience to write: History, Factions, Cities, Locations...

A personal thought though, would be to use the old Faction system from neocron 1 as a base as well. But in a Neocron tabletop RPG, you wouldn't have a big glowing sign saying black dragon or CA on your head, and the game master could organise what he wants anyhow.

The thing is, i am not gonna be able to work on that during july cause i got work. But in August, I d' be gladly happy to form a small team to create a d20 based Neocron setting manual.

If anyone is interested of course!

And like that, even if the game dies away for whatever reasons, 20 years from now on, you will be able to play the Tabletop Neocron and remember the cool game it was back then! ^^

17-07-06, 18:24
*nods* d2O..

12-08-06, 22:29
gurps... d20 (costs lots more money)... necromunda!!!

You can use the Fallout SPECIAL system :)
That's not an RPG system though... it's actually being converted to d20 right now.
SPECIAL = Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck. Tbh, it's the best stat system of any RPG. C'mon... luck is a skill! hahaha.

13-08-06, 19:17
Does anyone know how to play the Inquisitor games workshop type tabletop game? Because with alterations that would suit this greatly.


Dribble Joy
13-08-06, 20:35
Alas I don't, just necromunda, 40k and a couple of others.

26-09-06, 14:00
Sounds awesome.

I think i'll try to twist a bit the first Conspiracy X system since nearly everything is covered from implants to vehicles and psi.
The grim and realistic system of damage and fear could add that Neocron touch we all are so fond of.

Dribble Joy
26-09-06, 16:46
I'm seriously tempted to make a necromunda NC rule-pack. Shouldn't be too hard.

In fact sod it, off I go.

Forget My Name
14-10-06, 03:36

This is the grand daddy of them all.

If Neocron was to be played on the table top, you go to the top of the line game. And Shadowrun is it.

14-10-06, 11:26

This is the grand daddy of them all.

You're sure ?
I mean, you know there are elves and other kinky stuff in it, don't you ? :)

Imho, d20 is a good idea. It's easy to customize and it's open gaming licence gives it an extra plus (when you think of legal stuff that might join in later).

On the other hand, you have anything you need in Cyperbunk 2020.

Forget My Name
16-10-06, 05:59
Just dont use the meta humans in shadowrun. easy.

It would then be called... Johnny Mnemonic... :)

06-11-08, 01:36
Resurrection of an old post

When making a table top of an online game there are things that need to be removed for the most part, such as the trade skills. PCs are not going to wais time spamming res missions at a city com. so chucking res, cst, rep, recycal, that makes things a bit better to work with.

now seeing how people in the real world auto pick pistals and rifles i dont see why you need to make players put points in to one type of run when they will auto do that. So we make the p-c and r-c in to one thing. small arms combat. h-c and m-c can be seporet things, just coz you can swing a sword does not mean you can shoot a rocket well.

to make things more simple get rid of the weapon lore, in table top games you dont want things over compleximacated or ever one will get confused and hate the game.

for the main skills int for the most part is out, dex you have your weapon combat driving skill, remote contral and agl, strangth there is h-c m-c risist force, transport. sents we dont have a computer to tell what some ones armor/damage reduct is you make things simpal when thinking sats out. con you can have your normal resistans, attacks with those resists woul use that rather your resist force, or if its a ammo mod you pick the higher of the to and use what will deal the less damage to the runner. athletics and enderans are not needed. Psi, you keep your ppu and apu, we dont want no durty hybrids running around online so why let them here. let players pick one or the other or gimp hybrids so hard its pointles to try.

there are the mains stats and atributes. so now we got that what do we do with them and how do we roll and with what dies.

well I love the war hammer 40k Inquisitor d100 with the way NC is set up. the less we need to change the better. So for ever shot, melee attack, heal
spell or psi attack you roll agenst your skill, example. you have apu of 75, you roll a d100 ( a d10 with 1-10 on its and 00-90 on it and bam you get 100) and you try to roll under your skill to pass your attack. but what if you have a skill level over 100? on a roll of 96-100 its auto fail and 1-5 is auto secced. yes even if you have apu 150 with buffs 96 will fail, the chance of making your spell over load and kill your self wont happen at least.

things that need to be added.

as much fun as it is to put my char sheet agans your char char sheet is we need some thing to add lots of fun like specal moves, I know I love laying the make down on WOW with my warroirs mortal stikes. so what would these moves be you ask. well for rifels you would get some thing like steddy aim shot, that alows you to add a +10 to your attack from long range, or for pistals you get fast reload to you can make an endless streem of ammo from your gun. Skills are some thing that make the game alot more fun, its not just rolling auto attack tell its dead loot it and move on, in my mined it makes the game more epic and at the end of the day i want me and my players to feel that they did some thing epic for if they do they will want to play more to try to do more epic moves.

this is just an out line of what I have been working on when i lay in bed waiting to go to sleep, saying to my self. self neocron is a fun game but I wish that ___________ would change in the game if only i could do some thing to change it. so maybe later down the raod i will releas more stuff about a pen paper rpg of neocron or NC like world, (cant be stilling others ideas and getting my poor collage but suwed by law people).

if any one really cares to ask me more about this feel free I shall try to anser questions in my smashed engrish with bad spelling and gramerz deal with it