View Full Version : [Terra] WTB Terra Account

05-06-06, 22:37
Willing to negotiate for the purchase of a terra nc2 account. The account needs a researcher, constructor, implanter (can be combined), recyclers would be nice but not necessary. APU, PPU or hybrid. Also I would like a combat spy; rifle or pistols does not matter. The characters must be equipped, MC5 chips are nice but not required. You can PM me with what you have and what you would like and I can offer (I'll also like screen shots). I also have an e-mail address
ableom at gmail.com if you care to use that instead.

05-06-06, 22:42
your asking alot plus your taking all the fun out of the game lvling is the best part of playing this game next to the pvp action

05-06-06, 23:05
well...i have 3 or 4...cant reemember :) and they have all that plus much much more........................but THERE MINE ALL MINE..AND IM COMING BACK....SOO NOOOOO NEVAH !!!

06-06-06, 00:30
Please do not solicite Neocron 2 accounts on the forums.