View Full Version : [Terra] WTB Ion Shotty (Rifle)

29-05-06, 06:16
im looking for an ion shotty. no flaming me "OhHH they suck at teh PvP!!!!" i suck at PvP. i figure i should atleast look fucking SEXXY while sucking at it. post here if ya gone one, ill take BPs and a ion charger cell too. dont gotta be built. post stats/slots (if built) and price.

30-05-06, 23:53
come on someone must have one

31-05-06, 00:24
I've got one, one slot, explosive mod. Capped stats for the TL (TL97) DOn't especially want to part with it, but for the right price...

31-05-06, 00:54
im not horribly rich you know that :p gimme a general price though

31-05-06, 03:21
go find someone who has a blueprint of it and give the bp + an illigal slotti to a conster with around 190-200 construction. theres a chance of 95% that u receuve a 5 slot

31-05-06, 03:32
its hard to get the blueprint, AND the ion charger cell. ive been looking ingame for like 5 days now :rolleyes:

31-05-06, 13:31
Actually, forget it. I just remembered my rifle is slotless, hence pretty much worthless. Its my cannon thats modded. Maybe I'll go get more bits over the next few days.