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29-05-06, 03:41
Get home from RL work...
--- Start ---
Login in...
log out
log in
item bug: no weapon, synchronizing, cant move
log out
log in
Big bug: no items at all, no SL, no $, cant move
log out
log in
success! run around
Ten minutes later
Go back to ' --- Start --- '

--- Decent Game Play ---
Decide to go hunting/roaming
First four zone lines, no problem.
#5: kicked to login
log in
' Synchronizing ... '
log out
log in
(see Item bug...) + spawned in the middle of /85 + mobs
log out
log in
(see Big Bug...) + spawned in the middle of /85 + mobs
log out
log in

-- Ending --
get poked
Join Op war
Log out
Go to bed.

This is my average day, its actually longer than i made it seem here but... this is the jist. I can accept the Synching Problems, but all the bugs i recieve and the number of times i have to log in.... I'm getting tired of it and i would like at least one answer other than "Its your machine..." because i know its not.
Does anyone have a clue to the madness i've had in the past two weeks?

If i wasnt so loyal to this game, i'd leave.

29-05-06, 04:23
It might not be your machine, but it may be the quality of your connection. :)

29-05-06, 10:04
Big bug: no items at all, no SL, no $, cant move

If its still synching just wait. Its not a perma synch. With perma synch youll be able to see all your stats and equipment properly.

31-05-06, 17:41
wrong, My toons have had many a Perma syncs,

31-05-06, 18:18
I swear it's your connection.

When i was playing on 56k using a shit connection i had synch bugs and 50/50 bugs all the time. Changed to a faster and more stable line, i rarely ever get any of those bugs anymore. So don't blame KK for everything. Sometimes it's actually your fault (or your ISP's).

31-05-06, 23:21
I'm an expert on this subject I had about a year of it common responces are:

It's your machine.
It's your connection.
It's your game, re-install.
It's your fault.


The true is this:

Somewhere along the line, the data from the server, and to the server gets fucked up and you sit in sync or don't get the items.

Possible causes include:

Your ISP.
The exchange.

Remember its not a LAN connection, it's not;

You---Reakktor Server

it's more

You--Bob--Sue--Jake--Mike--Ben--Phil--Greg--Dunkin--Kirk--Reakktor Server

so if we say Ben is english exchange, and Phil is the german one, and they have a fight then your feck, the only way to fix the problem is, hop on a plane, fly over to germany, and plug in via a lan connection.

This is why sometimes certain people in the same country can experience the same problem, with different ISP's/location/machines.

I hope this clears up the issue!? Perhaps there is a way to fix this however I don't know what it is, all I know is you can do bumb kiss to fix it. Though do contact tech@neocron.com and try and get a fix solution :)

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02-06-06, 19:10
Hmmm I know its been said again and again a few times, but it could be just your connection/computer. Because Im in AR atm at a friends house, and playing from his lan which is pretty decent and on my laptop. The only bug Ive run into has been the trade bug after you go on a lift/elevator thingy. Which I really find surprising since my last memories of NC where when I played 1, an there I ended up losing drones left and right, as well as having many synch issues, where here I have not had one synch issue yet. (knock on wood)