View Full Version : [Terra] WTS All TL1150 Mision Cubes

19-05-06, 18:49
Well to cap and get 46m overcap in int on my PPU i need to research at least 5000 TL150 Cubes, so i will be making them to order, 7k a cube pay half upfromt

250 cubes, 1 day wait
500 cbues 2 day
More than that, will depend!

DM me for details, 7k a cube, and the reward is 10k a cube + the XP!,

30-05-06, 06:05
And if you're looking for TS TL150 cubes, I sell them at 6k/bp. :) I got like 400 atm. Get them before I give them to my clan for running. (I think they are a little tired of running them...lol)

30-05-06, 06:32
I've sent you a PM Imper1um

30-05-06, 15:25
hahahah Pantho got owned.