View Full Version : [Terra] Slasher and Exec

16-05-06, 16:08
How much do these sell for?
Do slots fetch much more?
anyone got a decent one for sale


16-05-06, 17:57
All your Slashers are belong to me. :) Lob 0 slotters on the floor. Depending on the stats, 1 or 2 slotters are usually for levelling. Price varies quite a bit from person to person. My Slasher (namely Jack The Ripper) is a crap 2slot one that I use for levelling with, it's down to about /90 condition now I think.

16-05-06, 21:55
high slottet does cost pretty much.. some time ago i sold a 4slot slasher (not modded) for 8mil.. so they arent cheap ;)
but 1 slotters are kinda cheap and 2 slotters is the same, 3slot a bit more spicey price.. but not even close to the 8mil.
Exec.. well i dont know.. bought mine (3slot, all arti, xray, ultima modded but never used) for 2,5mil.. But i guess it depends alot on buyer/seller

So sry if i didnt make any sence/shitty english, but im so tired.. just had to do my before-bed-forum-check :)

16-05-06, 22:44
I bought two 3 slot exe's with almost all arti stats after sticking 2 stat boosting mods and 1 ammo mod on each, for 500k each, I guess I was lucky then. But funnily enough, after I bought those, I built a 5 slotter which is all arti with 2 ammo mods. :p

17-05-06, 20:40
lol lucky bastard ;) thats very cheap hehe

02-06-06, 18:49
i pvp with my completely crap 1 slot bad stats slasher some guy threw on the floor shortly before leaving.

I cap it.

185 pc ftw...