View Full Version : [Terra] Wts Cs And Speedy

ashley watts
11-05-06, 00:01
1 slot cursed Soul (xray) good stats,

and a 3 slot Fire , Xray Tangent speed gun with a flashlight (CM EPIC) Dm me or better off throw me a mail.

11-05-06, 00:25
Its Copyrighted Ash,

Rules are, any1 can use it, edit it, sex it, apart from a Watts.

11-05-06, 04:51
Awww nobody likes those poor Wattses. :lol:

11-05-06, 12:18
i changed my sig, u might have to force reload it tho,

Bugs Gunny
11-05-06, 12:56
One of the mis not too bad at pvp but the other guy gets realy worked up over it if it gets mentioned, so let's not ok?

Now as for this sale, yet another class he tried and failed at. Poor tank probably never made it outside of the J01 zone and after the le came out he never left the staircase of the military base.

11-05-06, 13:11
500k for both?

ashley watts
11-05-06, 18:22
yep bitch im used to it, and the speedy has gone

ashley watts
11-05-06, 18:24
yep bitch im used to it, and the speedy has gone and gunnar i pwnt ure tank with me so called "crap spy" so dont go bitching about my tank tbh.

12-05-06, 01:18
ive seen you spy pawn a Mech turtle, and hey it was a close one :/.

And gunnar is right, with your tank you used to STAND at the zone line, that was it. lol. even if u had a ppu.

Bugs Gunny
12-05-06, 10:02
Ash, do you know how ridiculous you make yourself sound by saying that?
Unless by pwnt you mean that while you were standing near the zoneline and there was 2 other actualy fighting me you managed to get one shot in....

12-05-06, 11:30
*enters thread*

I have beaten both Watts on numerous occasions.

And Pantho.

*exits thread*

12-05-06, 17:02
id been PvPing on my PE for about 2 days :p

ashley watts
12-05-06, 18:32
no matter how long uve been PvP'ing youve allways sucked

12-05-06, 19:59
I fucking hate the word 'pwnt'.


12-05-06, 21:15
hmmm , ok. meet my PE or Hyb anywhere u want.... id fight with my tank but his con is non existant, and he is fairly low.