View Full Version : [Terra] WTB Hawkins

25-04-06, 21:35
Offer 3.5 mill.

OT - I only speak english (that's right I'm an ignorant American) so if you don't speak english there isn't much possibility of us settling on a price. <3 all you french & german for giving Terra more atmosphere though. :)

26-04-06, 00:13
Bought ingame. Mods close please.

26-04-06, 10:19
I`m afraid the Hawkins Outpost is not for sale and the one you seem to have gotten must be a fake :P

Bugs Gunny
26-04-06, 10:43
3.5 mil??????

I sold one for 1.5 last week.

26-04-06, 15:59
:p... it used to be called Hawkins CPU, when I got it last night it was Hawking Chip... was it changed or am I from another dimension?? :o

1.5 mill eh Bugs? Expect me to pester you for stuff from now on. :lol:

Bugs Gunny
26-04-06, 16:09
Sure, for honest deals you come to good old Gunnar.
Lemme guess, you bought from clan DOY ?

26-04-06, 16:15
Nope. :p

I thought it was a fair deal. None of my chars can MC5 anyways, and Delatisk can make 500k an hour tradeskilling.