View Full Version : [Terra] Hey fellas I'm Back

Magic Sausage
21-04-06, 16:22
Well I am back, atleast once my account gets upgraded with my chars so I can play with all my toons.

Anyway hope to see you all out there and I will be looking for an established clan to help me on my way.

21-04-06, 16:31
Take it your support ticket was dug up then, cool :)

Welcome back.

Magic Sausage
21-04-06, 16:36
Yeah and I was able to log in, but all my char slots were empty.
I know I have a high lvl Constructor, droner, tank, and a empty slot I think.

I don't want to make a new char because it may cause trouble when they upgrade and a slot is taken.


21-04-06, 16:39
Well atleast the ball is rolling, what sort of clan are you looking for and what faction?

Magic Sausage
21-04-06, 16:49
Well total distorion was a PP clan.

My main was a droner/hacker

I would like someone with a couple ops to defend. I thught that was alot of fun. I am not sure if I would like to stay in the city or go up north. I have never been in the new area before. I just want a cool bunch of fellas to play with.

21-04-06, 17:00
Then u shouldnt even think of joining clans in neocron :)
Change to the dome, we really do need people there!

Magic Sausage
21-04-06, 17:09
Well the dome is good and all, and I like being the underdog... But I want to be able to be able to have fun as well and be able to contribute. So present me with some options. Tell me how the map is looking. Do people OP fight anymore? Are vehicles of any use? Did they fix gliders?


21-04-06, 17:26
Oddly enough, since vehicles have become much more difficult to obtain, way more people are using them. Kinda baffling if you ask me. Maybe it's cause the vehicles rock. (gliders are still fucked though, but you see them around a lot too, go figure)

Magic Sausage
21-04-06, 18:33
Wow hardley anything transfered over.... I got alot of work ahead of me...

21-04-06, 18:41
Dont join the Main op holding CA Team only trouble lies ahead- Join FA tbh-

Magic Sausage
21-04-06, 21:55
Well if anyone is interested please feel free to send

Baked Beans
Mr Aflac

a tell... I would prefer a clan that has teamspeak or ventrilo Thanks :D

22-04-06, 14:05
i remember you giving me money when you did the radio thing :)