View Full Version : [Terra] Fire Sale - APU modules

20-04-06, 23:26
5x 3slot Holy Energy Barrels - 75k each
2x 4slot Psi Attack 2s - 75k each
1x 5slot Psi Attack 2 - 150k
1x 2slot Holy Anti Shield - 50k
3x 3slot Holy Anti Shields - 90k each
1x 4slot Holy Anti Shield - 300k

PM me here with whatcha want.

These were originally for netster but I haven't heard a peep from him for 2 weeks now. Anyone know wtf happened to him? :confused:

20-04-06, 23:45
He fell in a hole, broke his legs, and is crying for help, but no one can hear him.....

-Shai' Halud

Now for those scientifically literate....If Netster is in a hole screaming where no one can hear him....is he making a sound? Hypothetically...let's assume netster is deaf...sorry i'm bored...

20-04-06, 23:46
LOL poor guy.

21-04-06, 04:13
You can also send a DM or mail to Delatisk ingame. I'll be on him a lot the next few days mass-producing shit, as usual.

21-04-06, 04:14
ill Take the All your 3-4 slot Anti shields actually, :) ,

21-04-06, 04:16
ill Take the All your 3-4 slot Anti shields actually, :) ,LOL. Ok disregard my PM. You know the prices. Logging in now. :)

21-04-06, 04:38
All 3 3slot anti shields sold.

21-04-06, 14:58
No, Netster is usually at his GFs place and he doesn`t have internet there ;)

You can give them to me i will give you the money and relay the stuff to him

Just write me a PM and tell me when you are usually on.

21-04-06, 15:02
Well, we never agreed on a price, that's where the communication stopped a couple weeks ago. If you think my prices are fair, then you can have what's left. :)

I'll do a few more production runs to *ahem* replace what I've already sold. :p

21-04-06, 17:16
All modules sold, thanks guys.

Anyone who needs slotted stuff feel free to PM me or contact ingame. Just don't be surprised if it takes a while to get 10 5 slot psi attack 2s. ;)

Mods can close.