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20-04-06, 16:56
Ok my new PE sucks, and i cant aim exe, But when i get Flamed, Abused in DM , ya now , "omg You wouldnt be so cocky if you didnt have ppu buffs", The only ppu buff i had was holy Para, :rolleyes:

So i Here By Challenge Marksman Watts (ooc - also known as Ashley Watts, To a Duel , In the Arena of his choosing), If He so whishes i will Pay for Mine and his entry into the Friday Fightnights that Tratos has thankfully setup, And Duel him there- anything To get him to retract His Statements -

I Thank thee Marksman Watts please Reply ASAP - PM or Reply Time - Date - Arena,

If you dont reply, Ill take it as an admission of guilt for being a Ignorant, Flaming, Abusive member of the Neocron Community.

Bugs Gunny
20-04-06, 16:59
I have slapped me dueling glove in many a watts face, and never was it picked up from the dust.

My conclusion was that henceforth they shall only be seen as target practice and safezone entertainment.

20-04-06, 17:08
ooc- Yea, aparently im bragging, :/ , When my opening line was "ok i suck on my new pe, and cant aim", but anyways... Marksman watts said in DM - 1 v 1, And now i am challenging him -

If only he would reply

20-04-06, 17:26
I dont mind either of the Watts kids whoever they are but, I do agree when people brag then dont accept duel challenges its lame.

I kicked Pantho's ass, you probably cant do it Watts but go give it a try anyway.

20-04-06, 19:19
Luckly for me, a few of the Watts dogtags I own. If a duel with them fails, try buying what they sell as you can always get them cheap.

21-04-06, 09:52
Marksman Watts wouldnt Stand up for the Deal -

but never less he Sent His Little sister To defend him -
The Poor girl was killed.

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