View Full Version : [Terra] WTS Items - Epic - Rares- MC5 - WTB WoC Disco

18-04-06, 07:30
Im WTS Alot of things atm

2 Slot CS - Radiactive,
3 Slot mal -Xray moded
1 slot Termi - Xplosive moded
3 Slot unmodded Dentist
MC5 Synaptic Accelerator

Also i really need a WoC Disc, Ive got ALOT of MC5;s To trade, for a WoC disc, Ive got every MC5, and i need a woc disc . lol

20-04-06, 07:24
got teh woc, Sold teh SA - ,

20-04-06, 12:35
got teh woc, Sold teh SA - ,

Nice deal tbh.

25-04-06, 10:53
hmm no, I Obtained the Disc -

I sold the SA - Not same deal, WoC was for a freind, i tihnk he traded hmm. DS+SA< or something, He was prepared to change around 7 Chips, lol

25-04-06, 14:41
People are trading crazy for those WoC disks. Some dude was offering every MC5 + ultimas + all epic chips + gaya glove + THEIR SOUL for one not too long ago. :o

25-04-06, 16:28
The Guy offering All MC5's , epic shit, was THE guy i am talking about. They guy who got the Deal should have bid for more

25-04-06, 16:34
Oh. :D

02-05-06, 02:43
i might want your termi...just maybe if i can get some cash rounded up