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13-04-06, 13:47
How many more times would he have to go through this? Every time Charles Stross woke them up, they couldn't stop screaming for hours. They'd tried a number of combinations of drugs and other medical treatments. This was torture on a whole level Stross had never even believed could exist before. But if he didn't keep waking them up he would be next, and no matter how bad it was having to put up with the screaming and the knowledge of the pain he was causing them, it must be nothing compared to being the one in that chair.

Normal backups were taken every few minutes, and they always used one from a minute or so before death to avoid this kind of thing, but these experiements required the subjects to have full knowledge of what had happened last time - for the backups to be continuous. They'd tried video playbacks, but the subjects still kept repeating the same mistakes.

Stross looked through the window to the next room were another subject was being forced to repeat the experiment. There was no avoiding it - if the subjects refused, they were tortured over and over until they complied not to mention the threat of what would happen to their families. With the technology to revive and decant the consciousness of the dead into new bodies, death was no longer a way out for those poor tortured souls.

The subject placed his hand into the glove, trying to stop himself from shaking. Then he waved his hand, and the weird chanting voices came again. The glove glowed. The glow became a flame. The flame became a fireball. The fireball engulfed the subject - screaming as he burned. Another half hour and that one would be in the chair in front of Charles, screaming for hours until his mind finally accepted the truth that he was no longer on fire.

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...nice read, rather graphic. Random story or continuous?

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Just a completely random mini-story/snippet I came up with.

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:D you said gaya tee hee

nice story

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Athon...please continue...is this a project to produce psi resistant warriors?.....
Lemme know:)

13-04-06, 18:47
Athon...please continue...is this a project to produce psi resistant warriors?.....
Lemme know:)
Actually it's set in the past - during the initial discovery and subsequent experimentation around psi powers.