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12-04-06, 15:47
Well tomorrow im off down to the east coast (Clacton//Colchester area) i would of come on vent to say this but comp is packed up (useing my bro's to write this).

This isnt a leaveing thread more a will see ya all soon , when im sorted out down there (Could be a while due to work and stuff) and back up and running i will resub up etc (Hope the balanceing works out good Dont Screw It Up KK, You Have a Good game here just needs fixing).

So to : Cmaster (Not tfc anymore , but still great guy), Pepsi , Dave , Dis , Edge , Unreal , Zion , Tubby , Herad , British Bulldog ( Cant rember ya vent name soz :S), Bray, Violter , Aslient, Virgil . Im sure ive missed a few out just cant think of them off the top of me head. So yea , hope when im sorted that most//all of ya are still in game , If not then good luck to ya and thx for having me was great fun.

Also to the enemys we//i pvp'd against , FF(PPl hate ya but you damm fun to pvp against) , r2k (Nerf tyler tbh :p) , Pheonix , FETISH .

So see ya all soon , Take care .


**P.S: Mods dont lock please . :rolleyes: and dirus i hope you do a good job on the balancing when i resub up.

12-04-06, 16:16
heh, have fun down there dude. You shouldn't have mentioned your account is (being) cancelled though, it's not a good thing to say with certain people watching, I won't say much else, since I'll probably have my post edited. :rolleyes:

o_O @ British Bulldog.. I guess he's one of the REALLY inactive geezers then. I think I remember seeing some similair name stuck to a few weapons or something though. :P

Mr Kot
12-04-06, 16:48
Enjoy yourself, Foo ;)

Hope to see you back with us after the rebalancing :)

12-04-06, 20:56
take care dood, see you soon

13-04-06, 01:14
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18-04-06, 13:05
Good luck dude! Hope to see you in game soonish although i have been absent for several reasons of late.

Hope to be back in game myself as soon as i sort a new comp!!

Mine blew out due to a power surge FFS! and no i didn't have a surge protector ,GET ONE!

Keep safe bro :cool:

07-05-06, 23:57
Well , atm got a phone line sorted , and got a dial up connection atm . Not gonna realy try play with dial up ( I remember my old CS days on dail up :P).

So soon ill be up n running with BB ill make a apperance in game ;).