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27-03-06, 13:14
My problem is with the Tsunami Faction Supply Manager, Tsunami has nothing unique in their FSM only the stuff every FSM has and it has been this way since the start of NC2, Do you think this is fair? I have tried before making this point but nothing was done, im hoping that by writing this something will be done. Tsunami has a very small player base would it not bring people into this faction if we had something unique to tsunami in our FSM or at least give the current Tsunami runners the chance to sell the unique items to runners in other factions. You wrote Tsunami into this game the least you could do would be encourage people to join it. You dont have to write a whole new code to put someting unique in our FSM it could be something like dancing girls and static hookers which are already in the game (this also goes well with the roleplay aspect) So come on guys help Tsunami out a bit give us some decent FSM stuff.


i dont know where to post this so im gonna do it in several places

29-03-06, 11:54
[ x ] votes 4 teh girlz

29-03-06, 18:22
Totally agrewe with you its rediculios. Im not sure what tasunami shoudl have but give em somthing @!!!

30-03-06, 06:03
There is already a thread discussing this thread in Community Talk. Please don't cross-post.