View Full Version : [Terra] TH Auction - Player held event

27-03-06, 03:50
Thats Right - Event time ladies and Gentlemen -

Black Dragon Clan - Drugs & Thugs will be holding an Auction in TH sector 3 (The auction hall wouldnt ya now)

There will be many items up for grabs ranging from -

Melee Rares
HC Rares
Pistol Rares
Rifles Rares
MC5 Parts (Guess which, go on guess)
Epic items
Drop only items
Mr Jones nooby items
Unressed techs for fun
Green,red and even a Blue Needly

We will be holding the auction on the 1st of April at 5pm GMT

The items for sale will be made up of a collection of clan items and also some players will be selling personal items -

Rules of Conduct -

All Auction details will be done in ZONE CHAT - so dont spam zone plz - if u need to speak use local
Please Behave apropriatly - No running around the podium during the auction - take a seat -
Everyone is invited as long as there is no mayhem and just good clean auction

-=-No you may not add items to the auction - all items have already been decided on - and are already in a sales script -=-

27-03-06, 07:41
Sorry - Not spam change of opinion tbh

27-03-06, 15:18
Cancelled Until - accounts are sorted- soz guys

16-04-06, 16:38
that auction was awesome, i fally got a plasma cannon, fuly modded too. didn't pay too much either.