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25-03-06, 05:53
What can I expect to pay for a PPR?

(I haven't been ingame for almost a year, but I'm not dumb, so keep it realistic please. :lol: )

25-03-06, 06:09

onero S
25-03-06, 06:44
25 mill or a ds/pest is a fair price, pm me and perhaps we can work out a deal.

Edit: I also take nc 1 Devs for PPRs too

25-03-06, 07:05
How about a poke in the eyes and 3 slightly used condoms then?

Yeah 2-3 mill sounds right, that was the cost of pretty much every useful epic the last time I was playing. I guess now I better reactivate and get in there. Or not. Who knows? I don't know if I can deal with another extended psychotic episode... :D

Mods can close, I was just checkin teh economy. (Though I will want a PPR when I get my ass ingame.)

27-03-06, 09:11
dunno dude, think id rather take the 3 used Condoms, Reycle ftw -

27-03-06, 10:03
Ok, I think I'm gonna reactivate in the morning so..

I don't have much to trade, I have a 5 slot ultimated TPC on my PE, um, a 3 or 4 slot Tangent epic lasercannon (can't remember), some 3 and 4 slotted holy PPU stuff. Or cash if that works.

Or... give itam plzplzplzplz... :lol: *SQUISH!* 8|

27-03-06, 10:10
*SQUISH!* 8|
Lol, that reminds me of Duke Nukem 3D :D

27-03-06, 10:10
5 slot ultimated TPC ok mate, u got a deal :)

Bugs Gunny
27-03-06, 10:14
I'll trade you one for that tpc as well as add 500k on top.

27-03-06, 10:17
Fuck me sideways, i need that TPC -

Move-on and ppr + 500k , heh

27-03-06, 10:22
moveon + ppr + something rare??

ffs just say what u want for it, i'll be online asap the server is back up...

27-03-06, 10:40
Fuck me I didn't know that gun would be such a hot commodity. Is it the ultima or just the 5 slots?

Netster gets it, he was first. Just the ppr is fine. I'll be ingame tomorrow afternoon america time.

As for the rest of you, my cster can pull off batches until I get some more 5 slotters, but I don't have ultimas anymore so...

27-03-06, 10:43
ok, netster got a good deal, heh,

But yea Ultimated TPC , on second thoughts wouldnt help my PE that much, but would be fecking kool, id be afraid to break it,

27-03-06, 10:47
cool:D *swingswing!* ty mate :)

27-03-06, 10:49
Don't thank me yet, pray to the Click2Pay gods first. :o

27-03-06, 10:53
It's modded by the way.... 110dam/120range/120freq/103hand 120/120 cond xray ammo.

27-03-06, 11:04
It's modded by the way.... 110dam/120range/120freq/103hand 120/120 cond xray ammo.
uh, nice! i're online atm, PM me,when u can get online now.

Bugs Gunny
27-03-06, 11:05
Glok, it's the ultima.

Ultimas are so rare nobody sticks it in a tpc nowadays

27-03-06, 11:12
netster, give me a few hours, I don't know what kind of monkey business from C2P I'll have to deal with and the middle of the night probably isn't a good time to find out. :p

Yeah Bugs I got that ultima when they were semi rare about a year ago. Since the gun was for my HC PE, I wanted to make sure every stat was as high as possible.

27-03-06, 16:29
Deal done, mods close. :)

27-03-06, 19:40
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