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13-03-06, 04:38
-=-=-=-=-Thats Right, slot gods love me-=-=-=-=-

So here are the stats -

Damage -=- 107%
Handling -=- 113%
Handling -=- 113%
Range -=- 108%

The Sale is also on the ingame forums (Because i miss using them alot from nc1),

Ill keep both uptodate, im intrested in anything tbh, lol

Pistol rares - Epic stuff - money - money - did i mention money yet? - Unressed Techs, MC5 Parts,

14-03-06, 11:41
No longer for sale,

15-03-06, 09:12
Sounds like the 5 Slot Fire Apoc that Paradox once Made...112/115/118/109 5 Slot FA...It was like holding an actual can of ass raping in your hand.

15-03-06, 09:34
It was like holding an actual can of ass raping in your hand.


15-03-06, 12:36
Does the Apoc out damage a flame avalanche now?

Might be worth digging one out.

15-03-06, 12:49
It didnt use to? I dont find many chances to use Fire Apoc .i spamz that holy lightning though

guess i'd b fun n pvp watchin folks burn :) less they got high fire resist. gone have to test that one day

15-03-06, 13:00
dunno, ive only got a 3 slot choas, but i am lvling in choas now till cap, 7 psi lvls to go ;o

So hopefully = cast 3-4 Fire on a tank, and follow with some Holy Lightnings, They dont last 2 long, ^^

15-03-06, 14:07
Yup, a few months into NC2 the apoc damage was reduced hugely it seemed, but the flama ava was better.

15-03-06, 17:45
that kinda sucks tbh

Is it stil fucked then, coz my 5 slot one will feel bored, and lonly if i nvr use it

15-03-06, 18:00
Test it :D

onero S
15-03-06, 18:29
Generaly, both flame queen and fire apoc> hl BY FAR, the only exeption is if somone has very low FR.