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Bishop Yutani
08-03-06, 00:38
**WARNING: This document contains information gleaned from various forum posts, personal experience and websites. It also contains interpretation and conjecture about unknowns, which you may or may not agree with. If you have something to say, please send me a PM on the official Neocron forum. There is a “To Do” section at the bottom; if you have anything to add, reply to this post and I’ll add it in. Also, if I haven’t given you credit appropriately, please let me know. **

Neocron 2.1 Construction Guide
By Bishop Yutani

Construction is the skill in building items from blueprints and spare parts. Constructors can also build rares, modify weapons to change their characteristics and place turrets at outposts. A runner’s construction skill is considered an Intelligence sub-skill, labeled CST on the in-game stat sheets. It is also the most complicated trade-skill, if not one of the most complicated facets of Neocron itself.

Class and Profession
The best class for a constructor is a spy, as they level their Intelligence the fastest and also start of with the most intelligence sub-skill points to distribute at character creation. They also have a max Intelligence of 100.

Picking the Engineer profession starts you out with a TL-30 construction device, which will save you some money starting out. Also, the reward for completing Mr. Jones’ missions is a TL-90 Construction tool, so you can save a lot of money in the beginning by starting as an Engineer. Picking the correct profession for your character helps in the beginning of the game, but don’t worry if you didn’t pick Engineer and now you want to construct; it makes no difference as long as you put enough points in CST.

Another option is to be a Psi-Monk. Monks cap their intelligence at 100 like spies, but do not have a profession that helps with the early stages. They also cap Dexterity at 35, which puts them at a slight disadvantage. They do, however, have psi “buffs” that add points to the Construction skill, which can help a lot. More on that later.

You can technically be any of the 4 classes and still be a constructor; it’s just that unless you’re a Spy or a Monk, your Intelligence or Dexterity will cap before you earn enough skill points to be able to construct the higher TL items in the game. You can, of course, construct anything within your skills.

A quick note about TL
TL is short for “Tech Level”. A TL is a number assigned to every item in the game and is used as a base-line to determine if you are experienced enough to use it. In most cases, when you interact with an object, the TL of that object will be compared to one of your stats. (which stat it is depends on the item) If your stat is higher than the TL, you’re allowed to use the item, but investing more skill points in that stat may make you more effective.

Basic procedure
To construct, you need a blueprint of an item, some parts and a construction tool. To create items over TL24, you will also need construction grease. The amount of construction grease is reliant on the TL of the item; the higher the TL, the more grease required.

Acquiring blueprints requires either some cooperation with other runners or skill in Research (RES). A researcher takes an item and a blank data cube and makes a blueprint of the item. A constructor uses the blueprint and the items listed in the blueprint to make the item.

See the Items section for information on getting the necessary items.

To construct, open your Processor window and put the blueprint in the first slot. Put the construction tool in the second slot and the parts in the subsequent slots. Make sure you have enough construction grease to do the job. It will be deducted from your inventory when you click [Start].

If you have enough skill points, the process will begin and you will see a status bar counting up to 100% at the bottom of the processor window.

When you are done, you are left with a new item and a blank blueprint. (This means that if you want to make the item again, you’ll have to get or make another blueprint).

You can also fail the operation, leaving you with the parts and no new item. See the Stats section for information on how and why that happens. I believe there is also a Critical Fail, which destroys the blueprint, although I cannot confirm it.

Construction relies on blueprints; without them, the constructor cannot build the item. That’s why in some configurations, investing in both Research and Construction is beneficial. That way, you can buy a crappy version of a weapon from a store, research it to make the blueprint and then construct it to make a better quality version of it. Some say that its impossible to be an effective CST+RES, but it really all depends on what you want to do with your skill.

The basic concept to remember is that the more points you have in your CST skill, the more effective you will be as a constructor. Beyond that, be aware that being successful requires more than a simple check against your construction skill. There are several formulas used when constructing, depending on what you’re building.

1. The first check is to see if your construction tool has a TL greater than or equal to the TL of the item you’re building. The blueprint will tell you the TL of the item. So, the following formula must be true: Tool TL >= Item TL.

2. The second is a check to see if your construction skill is greater than or equal to the TL of the item you’re building. So, the following formula must be true: Item TL <= CST

3. The next check is to see if you fail or are successful at creating the item. The math of this check is worked in 2 parts.

(0.1*DEX) + (0.2*INT) + (0.7*CST) = Real construction skill

So the check is to see if the following formula is true:

Real construction skill >= Item TL

That means if you have a really high CST skill, your actual success rate could be significantly lower if your Intelligence and Dexterity are low.

To illustrate the point, a runner has a Dexterity of 60, an Intelligence of 62 and a CST of 80. If he tries to construct an item with TL80, he will be allowed to do so, but will fail every time.

His formula for success would be (10% of 60) + (20% of 62) + (70% of 80) or (6+12.4+56) or 74.4, which is less than 80.

The only way around this is to boost any or all of the three stats involved. Keep reading to find out how.

4. Build-Quality Cap – The quality of an item is average of the Damage, Frequency, Handling and Range of the weapon. This formula figures out how much CST you need to build a non-rare weapon with the highest quality allowed for that item.

Our terms are important. Let’s call this number the “Build-Quality” because it’s the highest quality you can build the item. Items with a low TL will cap their build-quality before 100%. Standard weapons cap at 94% for example, so if you follow the formula and construct an item with 94% quality, then you’ve made it as good as it’s going to get. (The item’s Build-Quality Cap) You’ll find out why I made the distinction of build-quality in the next step.

Winnoc’s formula to find the CST level you need to have to cap quality on a non-rare weapon is stated thus:

((103-(INT*.25) – (DEX*.15)) / .6

This formula has a flaw, in that if you have very high Intelligence and Dexterity, your required construction skill can end up being lower than the TL of the item you’re trying to construct, thus violating formula 2. The logical way around this is to assume you then need the minimum TL to construct the weapon instead of the minimum stated in formula In other words, as soon as you have enough construction skill to build the item, you are already going to cap its quality.

Example, if your Dexterity is 120 and your Intelligence is 120, the formula says to cap quality you need a 92 in construction, which is lower than the TL to build some items. Again, at this point, you would revert to formula #2 to determine what construction skill you need to build-quality cap the weapon.

5. The next formula is the chance you have to get a slot on a weapon. A slot is used to add modifications to the weapon and as a result, a much sought-after ability.

Here’s what Thanatos has to say about Slots:

Besides slot enhancers, which guarantee 1 to 3 slots, the only way to influence your chance to get slots is to get a construction skill as high as possible.

There are 2 variables in the formula that determines the amount of slots: the quality of the built item and a random number (0-199). Although quality of constructed items has a cap, the quality used by the formula is the theoretical quality, so having just enough CST to reach the build cap for the desired item is far from being optimal. In fact, if the quality is below a certain level, it is not possible to get 5 or even 4 slots. This quality is based on the TL of the constructed item DEX, INT and your CST skill.

So having a high build quality opens up the possibilities to get up to 5 slots. To get the slots, a random number is rolled. If that random number is above a certain number (derived from fixed factors and also the quality), you get 0 slots. For 1 slot, the random number has to be lower than the calculated number above. For 2 slots, it has to be below another number that's lower than that required for 1 slot. Same thing for 3, 4, 5 slots, the random number the game rolls has to be lower and lower. That's why builds with low quality can never get 5 slots, the required number would have to be negative (which it can't be).

As the quality factors into the formula determining the breakpoints for x slots, a high quality means a bigger range of random numbers will be able to get you slots. In other words, it increases your chances to get slots.

Rare weapons are a special case though. In addition to the formula described above, there is another roll for 0, 1 or 2 additional slots (33.33% chance to get either). That's why rare weapons generally have more slots than non-rares.

Quite a bit; let’s focus on some key points.

In the second paragraph, he introduces the fact that there is a “theoretical quality” that is different from the “build quality”. It is higher than the build-quality cap discussed in formula #4. So you need a higher construction skill than you derived via the formula in #4 to make something at its theoretical quality cap. How to figure out that number is a mystery, but Thanatos says that it “is based on the TL of the constructed item DEX, INT and your CST skill.” So it looks like the difference in the equation is only factoring in the TL. Of course, we’ll never know since we can’t actually see this number anywhere.

In the 3rd paragraph, he starts off with, I believe, a typo. He means to refer to the theoretical quality, instead of the build quality: “So having a high theoretical quality opens up the possibilities to get up to 5 slots.”

Moving on, he introduces the concept of breakpoints. (Without actually saying it until the 4th paragraph). This theoretical quality and some “fixed factors” create a new number, let’s call it the item’s slot-potential (its potential to get a slot). If the slot-potential is high, it has more breakpoints. I would assume that breakpoints are distributed evenly over the range of numbers; my guess would be every 33. A lottery is taken, comparing these breakpoints to 5 random numbers. Depending on what the random numbers are, you get a certain amount of slots.

Note: I guessed the breakpoints, but it was an educated guess; Thanatos said the game picked random numbers between 0 and 199. I figured that the breakpoints would be evenly distributed across the range, so I divided 199 into 6. (one for each slot and one for zero slots) The breakpoints would be in 33 point increments counting down, so 166, 133, 100, 67, and 34. (yes the last one is 34; its not perfect!)

To get a slot, a random number is drawn. If the random number is above 166, you get no slots and the lottery is over. If the random number is below 166, you get a slot. Then another random number is drawn. If that number is above 133, the lottery stops and you’re left with a 1 slot item. If it’s below 133, you get another slot. (for a total of 2) Then, another random number is drawn. If that number is below 100, you get another slot. (3 total). And so on.

This scheme of distribution of breakpoints means that if your CST is low, that means your theoretical quality will be less than max, which will mean your slot-potential will be lower than max. THAT MEANS that the distribution of breakpoints will start at a lower number, but still be in the same 33 point increments, so, as Thanatos says, That's why builds with low quality can never get 5 slots, the required number would have to be negative.” In other words, if your theoretical quality was 100, your breakpoints would be 67, 34 and 1. It wouldn’t even be possible to get 4 slots and you’d have a REALLY small chance of getting a 0 or 1 for that 3rd slot.

This implies that a slot-potential that is high will have a better chance of getting slots because it can accommodate the 6 breakpoints, but it also means that even if you have a high slot-potential, the random number that is picked could be just above 166 and you won’t get a single slot. That means, even the most stat-pumped constructor out there can make a weapon with no slots. SO DON’T BLAME THEM WHEN THEY MAKE A WEAPON FOR YOU AND IT DOESN’T HAVE SLOTS. :D

Like I said, this is pretty much all an educated guess, but that would mean your percent chance for getting slots in non-rares, having a max theoretical quality would be something like the following.

Slots..% Chance

6. The next check is to see if you get your name printed on the weapon. The equation is unknown, but it seems that you will definitely get your name on the item if you build it with 5 slots. It’s probably safe to say that the less slots, the less of a chance you have to get your name on it. With rares, any Perfect quality items that have at least one slot will get your name printed on it, while Artifact quality requires at least 2 slots.

Bishop Yutani
08-03-06, 00:39

The basic items a constructor needs can be found at Cryton’s stores in the city or in most Yo’s in Outposts. Note that Outposts sell their items at a fraction of the price of Cryton’s, so you’ll want to get to an outpost to make big purchases, like big packs of Grease.

It sucks to do it, but if you’re bored, check crates and boxes for stray parts. It can save you money in the early levels.

Slot Enhancers guarantee either 1, 2 or 3 slots in your weapon. All three can only be obtained by killing mobs in the DOY Tunnels, or by trade. Bring your hack-tool.
TL75 Experimental Construction Slot enhancer, DOY Tunnels - Level 1
TL85 Construction Slot enhancer, DOY Tunnels - Level 2, 3
TL100 Illegal Construction Slot enhancer, DOY Tunnels - Level 3

Implants, Gloves and Buffs
There are a few implants that can help you gain points in CST, so be on the lookout for them on the forums and in-game. Also note that there are implants that effect your INT and DEX that I have not listed; I would suggest you also use some INT and DEX implants, as they are important to your constructing efforts. Remember to balance your implants if you have other skills you need to buff. Focus more on the DEX implants if you use a pistol or rifle – DEX affects their use as well.

Brain Implants
TL Requirements Benefits Tradeoffs Where found
19 Biotech Construction Chip 1 INT:19 INT+1 CST+5 RES-5 Cryton’s, Dropped
46 Biotech Construction Chip 2 INT:46 INT+3 CST+10 RES-10 Dropped
74 Biotech Construction Chip 3 INT:74 INT +5 CST+15 RES-15 Biotech FSM
81 Tech Haven CPU NONE REP+10 REC+10 RES+10 CST+10 NONE FA Epic Reward
84 Biotech Special Science CPU INT:84 CST+10 DEX+5 IMP+5 INT+5 REC+5 REP+5 RES+10 - BT HN Item
115 Area MC5 Hawking CPU INT:95 CST+10 DEX+5 IMP+5 INT+6 REC+5 REP+5 RES+10 - Rare Item

TL Item Requirements Benefits Tradeoffs Where Found
60 Constructor Machina Glove INT:60 DEX+5 CST+15 TRA+10 P-C; R-C; M-C; H-C; RCL-100 Fallen Angels FDB

Psi Buffs
5 Crahn Constructskill Booster 1 12 6 CST+5 RES+4 REC+3 18
55 Crahn Constructskill Booster 2 118 59 CST+10 RES+8 REC+6 43
95 Crahn Constructskill Booster 3 138 81 CST+20 RES+16 REC+12 63

Drugs / Boosters
There are no drugs or boosters that will help your construct skill; however, some drugs boost your Intelligence or Dexterity, which help.

Outposts (OP) are useful to constructors for 2 reasons. First, Factory outposts offer a bonus to your CST. If your clan owns the OP, you get a +50 bonus whenever you’re in the same zone as the OP. Other options that can be set by the owner allow +35 to clan allies, +25 to allied and neutral factions and even +15 for enemy factions. You’ll know if you’re getting the bonus when you enter the zone the OP is in. You’ll see a bonus in the right-corner of your screen. (and the bonus in your stats)

Also, the Yo’s Pawn Shops at outposts have cheap items, so you can buy blank blueprints, construction lube and spare parts for much cheaper than at Cryton’s in the city.

Only the clan that owns the OP can place turrets. What turrets can be placed depends on the CST skill-level of the runner.


Faction Supply Managers (FSM)
Your faction choice is important as a constructor because each faction has a Faction Supply Manager (FSM) that will sell you items that are not available in any shops. You must have level 90 sympathy with your faction and you can only buy from your own FSM, even if you have level 90 sympathy with another faction. Of course, you could always buy items from other FSMs through another runner.

Constructors may find that Biotech is a good faction, because their FSM has the Construction Chip 3.

Faction Database (FDB)
FDBs are accessible through hacknet. You can access any FDB through hacknet and get that faction’s items but you need that faction’s Faction Construction License to build the item and they can only be purchased from the faction’s FSM.

You will also need a TL90 datacube, bought from any FSM. You’ll also need special parts to build it which can be acquired from any FSM.

The Fallen Angels have the plans for the Constructor Machina Glove; Biotech has the Special Sciences CPU.

Epic Rewards
Epic missions are missions given by your faction that require you to be a fairly high level to complete. As a reward, you get a valuable item, some experience and cash. Fallen Angels’ Epic Reward is a Tech Haven CPU.

Rare Weapons
I haven’t gotten to rares in-game, so I’m completely unqualified to comment. Here’s what I do know.

The chances to get a slot on a rare are greater than for a non-rare. There is a second slot-chance to have an extra 0, 1 or 2 slots. 33% for each.

Rares are constructed out of rare-parts instead of weapon parts.

Failing a construction job for a rare destroys rare-parts

To do
Item prices
Critical Fails
Weapon modding
Getting your name on a weapon
Expand on the FDB information
More info for the anti-city runners
Forum post "bibliography
Translate guide to German

Thanks to the following
http://nc.synergyxr.net/ - Item Charts
http://www.sheriff-hardy.de/NC2oF.htm - Item Charts
Thanatos – Slot chances
Winnoc – Quality Cap
BradSTL – Outpost guide
a4nic8r – Slot Enhancers, Getting your name on a weapon
Poupée – Slot Enhancers
Unreal - Turrets

08-03-06, 07:27
You may have missed something out something very important but I didnt read all your post,

to cap construction you basically have to have double the contstruction skill of the item. While this may not improve the quility/chance of rares it does stop the risk of failing to build the item.

So for a tl 150 weapon you need 300 skill, since most weapons only go up to tl 115 you'll only really need 230 skill so it is possible in theory to both construct and research using ops to help you:

Imps: Cst 3, Hawkings, TH Cpu, SS Cpu, Adv Nerves 3. Cst/Res Glove, and for high level items +Cst Buff 3

(Remove cst implant 3 for ressing)

120 points in Cst, 120 points in res

Construction: 120+15+10+10+10+15+20 = 200 (+35 from op) = 235
Research: 120+10+10+10+15+15+16 = 196 (+35 from op) = 231

Not easy to do but as you can see by removing or adding construction chip 3 and going to out posts with a cst buff 3 you can do both very well (as well as needed, infact for researching you don't need a ppu buff, just to remove your cst chip 3) So if you wanted a hybrid cst/resser it can be done but it means for rares or high tl stuff you'll be needing a bit of help :)

08-03-06, 12:03

You can also fail the operation, leaving you with the parts and no new item. See the Stats section for information on how and why that happens. I believe there is also a Critical Fail, which destroys the blueprint, although I cannot confirm it.

Yes, one can definitely fail critically and lose the blueprint.
This is the same with hacknet blueprints.

If one is a Scientist this is also true for rare parts.
(And then explain to the uber-tank in front of you that you fumbled and that you are not sacking it :-) good luck)

And oh, i almost forgot :

Really great work, Bishop


Winnoc’s formula to find the CST level you need to have to cap quality on a non-rare weapon is stated thus:

((103-(INT*.25) – (DEX*.15)) / .6

I'm a little puzzled, where does the value 103 come from ?
Is it the TL of the to-build item ? Because i couldn't find a non-rare weapon with that TL :confused:


08-03-06, 15:40
You may have missed something out something very important but I didnt read all your post,

to cap construction you basically have to have double the contstruction skill of the item. While this may not improve the quility/chance of rares it does stop the risk of failing to build the item.

No you do not have to have double the construction skill to cap the quality of the item stats. (For all non-rare items)

A constructor with 170 CST, INT 119 and DEX 125 will cap the quality of the stats of a BP'ed TL122 Raptor drone. (Which is around 79%)

@ Bishop - Excellent guide.

Bugs Gunny
08-03-06, 16:01
(0.1*DEX) + (0.2*INT) + (0.7*CST) = Real construction skill

So the check is to see if the following formula is true:

Real construction skill >= Item TL

Wrong, you can cst a tl115 rare if you have 1 int, 1 dex and 115 cst.
Once you reach the cst level required you can build the item.

(0.1*DEX) + (0.2*INT) + (0.7*CST) = the value with which nc calculates.

The 103 number comes from teh fact that 103 is the value at which quality caps for nonrares. So in effect brammers is also wrong in saying that a 122 nonrare drone will cap at those values, since in theory it will cap at 79% (or 78% depending on rounding) with 120int and 120dex at only 92CST !!!.

However since you can not built a tl122 at 92cst, you need to take it to 122cst at least. This is the reason why i use a tl128cst, 195res, 115 poke multitradeskiller that also flies a doy carrier, recycles 50 and repairs 160.
I build my rares with it, build all my slotted spells and i have yet to see a noticable difference with a tl 200+cst beisdes the failure rates and time used to cst.

Bishop Yutani
08-03-06, 16:48
Thanks for all the clarifications.
I will fold them in as soon as i get a chance.

08-03-06, 20:35
I've seen a big difference with my hybrid res/cst tradeskiller lately, whether it's down to bad luck i'm not sure, but it seems to be consistent at the moment.

Unreal had about 250 res and 200 cst with the gloves at the respective Outposts (+50 bonus); but whenever he built rares above TL100ish (libbys/termis/earps were always easy to build with good stats and slots), the stats would come out with the same sort of thing, over a period of two weeks.

The damage/handling/frequency would all be pretty crap at around 105%, with the range at almost artifact, usually at 118% or 119%... On non-rare stuff I usually only get good slots on low TL items, after constructing quite a lot of them, whereas high TL stuff, I rarely get anything more than a 2 slot, and end up using what slot enhancers I have left (which is 0 now).

I built a 5 slot exe just as FF took the OP, the stats were at least artifact-able after being able to stick two ammo mods on it, so that was my best result so far. But the stats were still pretty shit on it. I've wasted away 4 entire sets of slasher parts to get the same sort of conditions, so I think I won't bother building rares until I find out more.

In the meantime I decided to LOM out 20 points of research and stick them on construct, now giving me 220 with the glove at a factory, I still don't see much difference apart from capping the stats on even higher TL items. I know slots are random, but I wish Reakktor would clarify things. Also letting us know if this thread is actually correct and relevant to how it is in-game at the moment.

18-10-07, 18:33
I think it's time somebody updated this construction guide. It's 19 months old, and very out of date. While some of the basics are still true, there are many things wrong with it. I will try to list a few inaccuracies I have noticed :

Class and Profession
I couldn't really fault this, although I would say a solo Psi-Monk constructor close to cap, using all Crahn Construct Skill Boosters, could potentially have 35 more contruction points than a Spy. This definitely overshadows the advantage the Spy gets from having a higher DEX level. Does this make Psi-Monks "better" constructors - probably not.

Basic procedure
Pretty much correct. I suppose you could split hairs and say - as long as the parts for a specific Blue Print are in your inventory, you do not have to manually put them in your Processor to construct. They automatically move into the Processor when you put in the Blue Print and hit start (if you have all the parts needed). Also, I would put the construction tool in slot one, not slot two of the construction window.

The construction formula, or formulae in Bishop Yutani piece are wrong. According to him, (0.1*DEX) + (0.2*INT) + (0.7*CST) = Real construction skill. I doubt it is possible to calculate "real" construction skill without being on the game developers payroll. However, CST seem to now count for at least 93% of "real" construction skill. It is possible that Intelligence and Dexterity are no longer a factor at all. Who knows.

No idea if this is still correct.

Implants, Gloves and Buffs
Changes that I have noticed =
Brain implants:
Biotech Construction Chip 2 can be bought from Cryton’s.
Special Science CPU only has a lower construction gain (CST:+7.86) and is now a rare (I think).

Backbone / Booster Implant:
Advanced Nerves V1.0 (requires INT:25) INT:+1.20 CST:+2.40 RES:+2.40 - buy from Cryton’s
Advanced Nerves V2.0 (requires INT:52) INT:+2.07 CST:+4.13 RES:+4.13 - buy from Cryton’s
Advanced Nerves V3.0 (requires INT:80) INT:+2.96 CST:+5.92 RES:+5.92 - buy from Cryton’s

Drugs / Boosters
There is a drug that improve construction level. Blue Fairy from the Black Dragon Faction Supply Manger gives INT:+1.51 CST:+9.06 RES:+9.06 IMP:+9.06 for 300 seconds.

Eternal Pink
18-10-07, 21:56
Mega Monk's shouldn't construct, dex affects item quality and with a puny 35 a monk is going to suck, while they can get high CST they will struggle to cap item quality just because of the low dex and even with drugs you won't get that dex high enough to compete with a spy.

So if you've got a monk stick to ressing/imping/hacking and other skills that aren't linked to dex

21-10-07, 09:09
Mega Monk's shouldn't construct, dex affects item quality and with a puny 35 a monk is going to suck, while they can get high CST they will struggle to cap item quality just because of the low dex and even with drugs you won't get that dex high enough to compete with a spy.

So if you've got a monk stick to ressing/imping/hacking and other skills that aren't linked to dex

Right !!!!

All 2 stats An the ConstSkill RISE Quality/Weponstats and givea a better chance for Getting slots

if it comes to rare building it is also an good thing to Push up yout Int/dex with all Int/dex drugs you can get. Normaly if you Full Const Implanted you got More Int Then Dex because of Int push so its more useful du drugg youup with all dex

But theres One Reason for an Monk to Const an thats the fast way to capp Dex/Strg . In combination with Ressermissions an 30 const for weponparts building and recycling them up you can Easyly Push your Dex/strg to capped An pushh Int also in the Low levels

Eternal Pink
21-10-07, 19:46
Rhinoing/repping rhino use to be a very fast way to cap dex on a monk, not sure if it still works though since last time i play'd vhc combat was bugged to hell and back.

They fixed VHC combat yet?

25-10-07, 08:58
damge output is still lower at all vhc as it was at 2.1
and the vhc stats are way to high for PE drivers
i hope they lower them down to evo 2.1 stats and bring back Int for vhc

as far as i can tell:

Rihno: still the best Damgeoutput an resi for hunting mobs
Troop / Reveller/ chain Jeep : the best choice for Pe drivers At Moment
trikes/bikes: Stats to high and damgeoutput way to low
Gliders: damgeoutput is a Joke put looks cool
Bombers : to expensisive / stats to High / an too low resis

Bishop Yutani
10-11-07, 16:24
I was just trolling and I saw that this thread was active again. Thanks for keeping it up to date, Megazoid!

Dead Bodies
08-12-07, 19:23
Not quite sure what the downlow is. but here is what ive experianced in my CST travels. Some "trade secrets" will be with held but you'll get the idea.

I go with the noation that more is better. Ie more DEX* INT* CST* The more pure the better. So i go pure CST tl 240 with imps and glove. and i get an addition from op and buff. (wich i use everytime i cst rares/ i try if i can with reg too) There are also some things out there so to say that reset the "rolls of the dice" possibly giving you a higher chance at slottage ^^

*Real Example two weeks agaio*

High*Reset my dice twice
Built creed 5 slots possible arti with utlma or 2 reg mods = 3 ammo mods ^^
High*reset my dice twice
built 4 slot crused soul Arti with 1 reg mod. =3 ammo mods ^^
High*Reset my dice twice
Built 0 slot holy catharsis ALL ARTIFACT

*real example last week*

low*Reset my dice 5 times
built 2 slot libby all arti except for 117 dam
low*Reset my dice 5 times
2 slot slasher 118/113/120/113
low*Reset my dice 4 times
3 slot vein ripper 118/119/117/119

Now out of building non rares if i build say 100 holy ressurections i am guaranteed to come out with ATLEAST one 5 slot and one 4 slot Is what i have experianced EVERY time. sometimes i get it in the first 20 sometimes it #99 but its always there. pay no mind to the other slotters :) I do not reset dice on non rares.

Now theres nothing here that proves it works but it fucking works great for me.

24-11-11, 01:30
Does anyone know how the math works out now for constructing? I tried the formula Bishop posted, but it didn't work out that way.
I tried to const a TL70 Const-mission with Dex 22, Int 25 and Cst 100.
According to the formula 22*0,1 + 25*0,2 + 100*0,7 = 77,2 I should be able to const it without failing. But I did.

So, is the "rule": skill should be 2 times the tech level of the item still the best way to avoid getting failures?

24-11-11, 12:39
hmm, ye, at least twice is pretty much minimum for failure. But unless you're macro'ing, you might want to cap your construct anyway, otherwise constructing is pretty much useless anyway (slots etc), and construction goes faster the higher your skill

that said, are you trying to level a character with construction? because that will take months if not years, most tradeskillers level with drones till woc and then lom to the desired tradeskill

and I believe I saw a gm saying that all these formulaes for constructing from 2.1 were irrelevant now and only your construction skill had any influence

William Antrim
24-11-11, 19:27
I used to level my constructor through missions when I was watching tv. It worked ok at the start but got seriously dull towards the end. I was getting, if memory serves correctly 80-100k dex and int xp per bp constructed. This was tl150 cubes.

Usually broke even on the costs too but yes as Biglines said, it takes forever.

24-11-11, 23:07
Thanks for the answers.
I do now really consider leveling with drones, because at the moment with skill 100 in const and INT 48 it is already a pain in the ass to level with TL50-60 missions. Unfortunately the first really good drones to level with start with DEX 27/30/34 (MR-50/RG-50/RK-50), and I just got DEX 21 I think.
Nevertheless, I'll make these bunch of levels this or another way.
But does any of you know if there is any good and up-to-date thread about a good skill-setup for leveling with drones out there?

William Antrim
25-11-11, 14:41
Dex 21.

Street Model Uzi.

Go up to Military Base with a box of ammo and a recycle tool. Spec all your spare points in pistol combat and then some in recycle to recycle your ammo. Shoot launchers etc at the base (even solo its good xp) or if they are too hard then go for Aggressor Captains in the level 4-5 sewers.

You will level dex plenty doing this at either of these places. From there you can go onto the mini rocket pistol. I forget the dex but you can pick it up in Archer and Wesson in Plaza 1. So yeah when you have that then you will get some great xp and can switch to drones when you hit dex 50ish.

Dont forget also the level 1 and 2 implants available for 1 or 2 extra dex early on. Level 1 can be bought in Crytons Tech Tools in Plaza 1 and level 2 can be bought in Point Red at a vendor upstairs there.

I hope this helps a little bit.