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06-03-06, 17:41
I was quietly patrolling my borders when I heard over trade chat that a constructor was offering tradeskills in his apartment, something wasn't right, I decided to investigate.

I arrived at the apartment, after clarifying this Runners trophies as being hunted with a license I was dumbstruck by an intense, mysterious smell. I instantly used Border Patrol intuition and suspected Dome of York futniture was afoot.


My suspicions were correct, upon finding this DOY furniture I had no other choice but to assume a Dome of York furniture smuggling crime ring was in progress.


I interrogated the tradeskilling suspect, unfortunatly there was no answer, I had no choice but to classify this Runner as a furniture smuggling TERRORIST


The dangerous terrorist was immediately neutralized using standard Border Patrol crowd-control weaponry, a grave reminder to the Furniture smugglers of doy.


All in a days work, protecting and serving our loyal Runners.

Bugs Gunny
06-03-06, 17:58
Great work.

It's nice how you discovered the infinite world of roleplay.
But it'll take a lot more than a freezer pistol to stop FETISH from their business of killing, extortion and drugdealing.

06-03-06, 18:26
HAR HAR the FETISH will inherit the Earth!

06-03-06, 19:04
hmmmm constuct0rz is my cster since nc1 but thats a imposter

06-03-06, 20:08
Lol i love the last screenshot where he says "stop" . Well done.

06-03-06, 20:16
I like these kind of stories :) Thank you.

06-03-06, 22:16
crazy as a griefer... what is this world coming to...

thats even worse than zonewhoring with ppus...


06-03-06, 22:30
Looks like Crazy- was only RPing after the fact.

I don't see where he identified himself as a Border Control Officer or questioned the the apartment owner about how he got the cabinets. Maybe they were payment for a job, in which case he killed the user without even identifying who the supplier may be.

This shoddy work must be bought to the attention of those who wish to stamp out suspect RP.

06-03-06, 22:43
I didnt take screenshots of myself saying this is a border patrol inspection and me showing him my NCPD badge in the trade window (which I do have).

And if you look I did ask him if it was illegal doy furniture, he didnt respond.

06-03-06, 22:54
<3 Crazy

06-03-06, 23:57
crazy as a griefer... what is this world coming to...
thats even worse than zonewhoring with ppus...

Everyone is a godamn griefer, thats the one thing i hate about nc, some people are ....less than pleasant and you can't do jack about it sometimes.

onero S
07-03-06, 01:48
All this border patroll is well and good, but on behalf of Biotech I must warn you, We will not stand for our implants being abused in such a way, if you have an issue with a user of "Custom Biotech Cybernetics Products" Please speak with a qualified Biotech Rep before taking mattters into your own hands.

Failure to comply will result in action taken against you and your so called "border patroll"

-A Seinor Biotech Service Rep

07-03-06, 02:13
Border patrol IS the authority, shush simple scientist nub.

07-03-06, 02:20
Surely your group is made up of more than one person? :rolleyes:

07-03-06, 02:25
shhhhhh. Hes a schizophrenic vigilante. Don't hurt his delusions.

07-03-06, 02:49
Yeah hell-demon :(

07-03-06, 17:45
DoY Cabinets ftw, tbh. They blend into apartments better. >.<

09-03-06, 01:23
LOL nice story ;)