View Full Version : [Terra] Imper1um's Research Shop is now open!

05-03-06, 07:10
I am now accepting orders for Research Tasks. I will Research a batch of BPs, and you can buy them from me. Every night I will research and get you your BPs.

I primarily research Research missions, but I will research anything you like, as long as it is a batch run (75+ BPs). Costs are determined based on TL. If you do not have a batch run, I sometimes log my reseacher (Res-Imperium) throughout the day and you can ask me then. If you would like a batch of BPs, please post here what you would like.

Here are the current BP Masters I have. This means all you have to do is ask me to build the BPs. If I do not have the Master Item to BP, you may still ask me to build it, but I will ask for a copy or the master item itself so I can BP it. Here is my priceguide (FOR RESEARCH MISSIONS ONLY):

Here is the current list of what TL BPs for each faction I have. Green means I have it. Black means I don't (simple, eh?). Changes as I get more BP Master Copies.

NOTE: Batch jobs come on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE Basis. If I have a long queue, it may take a few days before I get to your batch. I currently have: Customers in the Queue.

Thanks You