View Full Version : [Terra] WTB cp and hp of CS

03-03-06, 13:40
WTB cp and hp of CS

03-03-06, 15:36
You mean you have a frame?!

Sexual favours for the frame!

I've been looking since christmas!

On a related note, I belive I have some spares. I'll rummage for you tonight.

03-03-06, 23:47
indeed i got the frame....I reactivated my account 1 month ago and on +/-40 parts i got the fp ,op, tp and atp :angel:

thanks for looking for the parts...

04-03-06, 00:04
I have two OPs to spare... sorreh dude.

The Ottoman
04-03-06, 02:48
I have a frame. I'm willing to trade for a SA or DS. :D
Btw. After playing for three years(with breaks) I still haven't got a MC5-chip. :wtf: