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02-03-06, 15:34
Hi there !

btw does anyone got a Pricelist of the Items in NC ?

What I mean ?

What I mean is how to know what a
---> Marine CPU

and such things cost ? ^^

thx 2 ya ^^

greetz * Neill*

Bishop Yutani
02-03-06, 16:51
haha wouldnt that be nice!

I imagine things fluctuate a bit, so it would be hard to have a price list without updating it after things rebalance across patches.

funny story... i was looking for 2 snake minion teeth the other night. I have nooo idea how much they go for. Some guy said he had some and i offered him 4k. He wanted 100k... go figure.

02-03-06, 17:05
marine goes for around 100 - 150k for a chip

02-03-06, 17:45
All the Mini MC5 Chips go for 100k dont pay more, unless ur in a rush


Move-on - ppr = Around 2-3 Mill

Gaya = 4 mill

Revler not sure about 1-2m, (In my opinion its worth more than a MC5 to a Tank/pe)


Rares, I got no idea tbh, any1 else :), plus stats/slo0ts, are 2 randomly set and priced

02-03-06, 18:04
Nice Nice Thx^^

ppl just go on ;) ^^

02-03-06, 20:40
I think a guide of what ppl are paying for stuff would be nice even if its just a long post like this might end up.
So heres what ive sold and prices... (ps if anyone has sold an item for a stupid amount i hope we can keep the remarks to a min else risk having the thread closed :()

Jan/Feb 06
epic gaya glove 4mill
epic bd app 800k
epic fa chip 2mill
epic tsu rife (2 slot i think) 2mill
epic speedy (1 slot) offers about 1mill but never sold

03-03-06, 01:02
I don't know if it is the regular price ... but I sell

- All Hacknet BPS for 25k each ....