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01-03-06, 13:42
What is the law enforcer chip?

You start with a Law Enforcer (Also known as a LE) chip when you create a new character. This chip stops you from killing other players, and in return other players cannot kill you.

The only things that can kill you if you have your law enforcer in are Mobs, NPCs and guards.

If you die from being killed by and NPC, guard or a mob you will not drop a belt.

Im a new player to Neocron 2, should I take my LE out?

I dont recommend taking your LE out, until you understand the game a little more and also the risks of taking the LE out.

Can I take the LE chip out?

Yes you can. You do not need any implant skill or implant gel to remove it. It takes 10 minutes to remove the chip.

What happens when I take the LE chip out?

You can now engage in PvP (Player Vs Player) combat. You can also join a clan.

Also if you are a hacker, you can hack and loot other peoples belts.

What are the risks of taking the LE chip out?

Other players, whether they are friendly or the enemy can kill you.

You also drop a belt in most zones if you die. The belt will contain a random item of value from your inventory or your quickbelt. (If you have low Soulight below -32 you will drop more items)

Can I put the LE chip back in?

Only if your character rank is below /30 To see your character rank press F5. You will see your skills display. You character rank is in the line marked Ranking

To put the LE in press F3 open your Implants display and drag the LE from your inventory to a spare brain slot. You do not need any implant gel or implant skill.

After you have gone past rank /30 you cannot re-insert the LE chip back in.

Someone tells me I get less XP with a LE in. Is this true?

No this is not. The XP penalty was removed a long time ago in Neocron 1. You get the same XP as a player without an LE in.

Someone tells me I get less money with a LE in. Is this true?

No this is not. The money penalty was removed a long time ago in Neocron 1. You get the same money for killing mobs as a player without an LE in.

If a player keeps telling me that I dont get as much XP or Money, what should I do?

Tell him hes smoking crack, after all he cant kill you. ;)

Can a Non-LEed PPU heal a LEed person?

No they cannot. If you want to level in a high level cave which needs a PPU, you need to find a PPU who also has a LE in.

Where can I find people with LEs in to level with?

On server Terrra, some of the common places to find players with LEs levelling are.

1. Neocron Plaza 2 Cellars with Aggressor captains in.
2. DoY DoY City Centre (Sector 6) - Sidestreet Level 4
3. The Bunker in J01
4. El Farid Village Underground in J09
5. The Dangerous Caves in F12

There are other places, you will have to find these yourself. Usually there is a group of players there have a LEed PPU, and they usually invite you to team

Can LE'ed and non-LE'ed people team up?

Yes they can, they share XP and money as normal teams do.

I want to join a clan, but I want to keep my LE in can I do that?

No you cannot. To join a clan you must remove your LE.

A player comes up to me, and tells me to take my LE out should I take it out?

Only if you understand the risks of removing the LE chip.

Its quite possible a player is trying to see how clever he is in persuading you to remove your LE. He may even kill you afterwards so he can get a kick out of it.

The only reason a player would tell you to take the LE out, is if you are going to join their clan, and you still have your LE in.

I lost my LE chip, can I get another?

Yes you can. Runners with Biotech or City Admin Faction Supply Manager access can get you a new chip. Or ask on Trade NC to buy a old chip off a runner. You can also buy a Bluepring (BP) and get a constructor to make you a new one.

When I die, does the LE chip fall out?

Unlink your other brain chips, the LE cannot fall out.

I see a capped player ranked /60 with a LE in, is this normal?

There are not many capped players with LEs in. Most of them decide they need the extra brain slot for their character setup. However some players do not wish to engage in PvP, so they choose to keep the LE in.

Can you tell a LE player from a non-LEed player?

An LE player will show up in a different colour in their local list. Also if you have a weapon out, you cannot target the other player.

I have more questions about the LE, where can I ask them?

You can ask here by replying to this thread, or by using the ingame help channel.

02-06-06, 15:27
You can also buy a Bluepring (BP) and get a constructor to make you a new one.
I haven't checked that recently, but the last time I tried this there is, as with many other things around the LE, no skill needed to make it (LE is TL 0, which leads to the fact you can implant and construct it yourself, even make new BPs, for example).

And it's Blueprin_t_ :D

Otherwise, nice post :)