View Full Version : [Terra] server rollbacks suck :(

27-02-06, 17:31
man that sucks i earnt 1 million ncs last nite and brought a tl150 res tool now they are all gone :(

27-02-06, 18:02
Yeah im sure I popped like 50 Lom pills :(

27-02-06, 18:06
ahh that sucks cRazy, does this happen alot ?

27-02-06, 18:23
The rollbacks? not very often, but they do happen which is what people dont like.

I seem to have a lot of bad luck with rollbacks, many many years ago I remember some guy gave me all his stuff before he quit, logged off for the final time, server died, rolled back, I lost all of it and all the items were back in his apartment left to rot :(

Also a few months ago when there was one I had spent 10 hours of the day levelling my PE's con to cap, server rolled back, lost 20 con levels.

Damn game D:

27-02-06, 18:29
Every person on saturn lost at least 25 dimension splitters every time there was a roll back.


27-02-06, 18:45
ffs :confused:

27-02-06, 18:46
man that sucks i earnt 1 million ncs last nite and brought a tl150 res tool now they are all gone :(

its funny I fooled around last night making a temp char till my real chars are transfered from nc1. Well I was planning on deletiing him anyways so thats why its funny server roll back made him never exist lol.

27-02-06, 19:27
I don't remember how many loms i popped but it sure isn't cool to do it over and over again because of some <insert bad words here> rollback. And the 1,4 mil.. *sigh*

28-02-06, 08:12
Mmm indeed, i came from lineage 2 private servers because i was sick of the useless server which was constantly going down without notice and rolling back without notice. Then i found neocron which seemed to be the only decent mmorpg around anymore, and guess what? i still get server downs and rollbacks, but now i actually pay a monthly fee for it :mad:

28-02-06, 11:55
guys its simple, if the server is fucked (and we all know when that is) dont level or build anything cos there will be a roll back, your own falut tbh for playing when it was fucked

28-02-06, 16:51
There's no predicting when a server is fucked tho >.<
Post 500! :)

28-02-06, 22:46
Just a quick question, do any other servers roll back? I dont hear of them rolling back, but I dont venture onto the other forums.

Yarr, there be dragons.

01-03-06, 00:43
haha, Went to Reagents Legacy and leveled from 18.00 my time till 07.00 in the morning the next day... i awake at about 17.20 my time, by my mate calling me to tell me that the servers been rolled back.. LOL what a freaking waste of time... and DAMN i was pissed, untill i spoke with a gm.. who also lost alot of stuff, and man that guy was the most helpfull person ive meet in gaming support so far.. Truley a nice guy, a bit unfair that theyve gotta take all the flaming from us Angry Players, when in fact its KK not having done their job properly. Anyways, i enjoy playing Neocron, it has its flaws and is a bit more unstable the other online role playing games, but it delivers such a great experiance, and player base that its worth every minute.

Damn sham they dont give these problems more attention though. (hint)

Now, Back to gaming. :cool: