View Full Version : [Terra] Why oh Why, sell me a BP

27-02-06, 10:05
I need a BluePrint of the tl64 Pulselaser Pistol

Because i want to be uba while killing the launchers at Mill Base, and im really special

That or ill pay you money for a little blueprint :),

27-02-06, 17:18
lol u still after that bp :P

28-02-06, 02:03
0_o maybe

28-02-06, 17:50
Where do you get that gun? I can give you a bp if you stop breaking into my apartment and kill me ;)

01-03-06, 02:06
Ive outgrown the gun, lvl wise but i really want one of those BP;s

AnOh yea lol, Soz :p

But yea, a BP of that would be great fun