View Full Version : [OOC] question about the roleplaying community

26-02-06, 03:01
I'm just wondering how things are going with it, what groups are involved, etc.

I also wanted to pose a question. Neptune is mostly empty right? And it's supposed to be an all no LE system, so has the roleplaying community considered just moving everything there? You have less people around to muck things up, and it would be nice to have a server that's more likely to have just roleplayers than anyone else.

For that sake, I've started a character there. A constructor/researcher. Search me out in Neocron, ussually working in the offices of NEXT. The name's Auma.

Dribble Joy
26-02-06, 04:25
I don't think the RP community is going to move to neptune, since it's PvP server, not to say the RP community is soft, they just aren't quite as mindless about the way they PVP.

If you wanna find some RPers on Terra, look out for Phoenix, FETISH and a few others. I RP, but there's not much scope for it as a CM atm.

26-02-06, 05:15
The thing is... there isn't anyone on Neptune. I've been on neptune for the last 3 hours, and no one else has logged in at all. It's an empty field of nothing. There's no mindless PvP because there is no one to PvP. It would be a good place to start RP in that matter.

Dribble Joy
26-02-06, 05:21
Noone logs in because anyone that does is LEed untill they have all the stuff they need to PvP.

26-02-06, 14:14
Yes, we all know that neptune is the best potential environment for serious roleplay as well as pvp.
But we also know that neptune is fucked design wise, and untill that change no one will really play there. And no one knows if that happens at all. So right now its pointless.

Terra is... well just as any other server aside neptune, LEs and safezones which means zonefighting and LE exploiting, then theres a safe slot and warzones which means mindless ganking without any chance of beeing responsible for anything. You can roleplay in such environment, sure, but due to the fact that no one can have any real impact on anything its very hard to work it out.

26-02-06, 15:28
On neptune it's so dead you could roleplay apocalyptic suvivors :D

Have a small band of people travelling the wastes and relying on one another :p