View Full Version : [Terra] WTB/WTT Slotted Redeemer!

08-02-06, 16:17
As seen in another thread, I'm looking for a Redeemer and have a Ray of God to possibly trade with.

The RoG does some seriously high damage up close, but I'm more of a ranged person.

The RoG is equipped with fire mod ammo (explosive) and a laserpointer, in case you haven't capped handling/aiming.

As a Spy, my rifle skills are high enough that a 1 or 2 slot would be sufficient, for an ammo mod or two.

Let me know how much you'd want for such a Redeemer, if you want to do an even swap for the RoG, or even if you want to purchase the RoG outright.

As a side note, since there never seems to be any CA FM online, WTB parts/license and BP for a Special Forces chip.