View Full Version : [Terra] Allied advance halted

08-02-06, 14:01
Last night saw some of the most ferocious fighting across several zones in the Northern wastes.

Alliance forces accidentally stumbled into Anti City forces whilst crossing the wastes to attack an outlying outpost. This unfortunate chance encounter caught both sides unprepared.
A heavy hit and run fight ensued, many lost their lives. Alliance support arrived in what was quoted as "A significant force" to aid the battle.

During the night further skirmishes occured across the wastes with some epic battles at both the Avenger mine and Emmerson Factory.

Sources gave unconfirmed sightings of City Mercs aiding the Anti forces in there attacks on our forward forces but we are all to aware that for the right price CM would eat the ass of a drom.

For now things are reported as quiet at our forward observation posts but who knows what tonight will bring....

08-02-06, 15:37
never thought id see the day where TFC > FF :lol: and FF had more ;)

08-02-06, 15:40
It was a good night of battles at both ops , many lives were lost and taken , but alas we could not hold out against the 2 opposing forces that attacked both ops at same time.

It was a good night even tho the control of the outposts were eventuly lost .
/salute to the enemys involed you were worthy oppenents ;)

08-02-06, 16:34
/OOC Best OP fighting i have seen in weeks tbh :D

09-02-06, 00:53
never thought id see the day where TFC > FF :lol: and FF had more ;)

I enjoy posts like this....as I am sure clan mates do.... :)

09-02-06, 11:21
I missed it ...damn work :(