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31-01-06, 22:58
I'm still sort of new (recent reactivation) and I'm wondering what the state of the faction database items are. Like, for instance, what would it take to get a Special Forces chip? How much would someone generally charge to go and get all the items for you? I'm talking, all the parts and a blueprint in your inventory, assuming you could contstruct it yourself.

What about Faction Manager items like the Biotech lvl 3 chips? Do people generally mark the items up? Sell for cost? How much does barter actually help; are they inexpensive enough not to matter?

Thanks for any info

31-01-06, 23:21
The Database implants usually go for 100k each, that's the built implants. Buying just BP, parts and a license you might get away with 70k.

About BT implants, they usually go for 50k each. Sometimes a bit more, depending how much they charge you.

And barter can make a difference but for just a few items it's not worth the hassle.
If you gotta buy stuff for several 100k or sell a huge pile of junk you should always get a barter, otherwise it's just wasted time finding one.

31-01-06, 23:55
MC5 chips (ie, Synaptic Accellerator) are probably rediculously expensive, right?

01-02-06, 09:48
counts on, i saw the chips going for 15-25mil

€dit: the chips = SA/DS, herc for 5-10, Hawk for even less than 2mil

01-02-06, 17:56
thx for the info guys

02-02-06, 05:42
ha.no one could afford em. takes alot to get 15-20mill.. well its possible ( do alot epics ) sell tha stuff off :angel: but geez

03-02-06, 13:42
counts on, i saw the chips going for 15-25mil

€dit: the chips = SA/DS, herc for 5-10, Hawk for even less than 2mil

What about RD's? 5k ? :D

Bugs Gunny
03-02-06, 14:10
Hunt rareparts, build them and sell the rares is good cash.
Also going rhinoing is good cash from the junk.

03-02-06, 14:56
Hacknet implants go for around 100-150k, gloves 100k.

Taking into account the hassle of sourcing the BP's and the relevant Faction licence plus parts happy to pay that tbh.

As for MC5's prices vary on date of sale i.e. the demand rough price :-
DS= up to 20mil
SA= up to 15mil
Herc= Up to 8mil
RD/Hawk= up to 5mil

those are the top prices i have seen paid but depends on the seller ;)

04-02-06, 13:26
RD for 5mil? Did you do a typo and not type 2 or 3, or less? o_O

04-02-06, 19:04
how about the relative worth of the rare weapons?

like... a ray of god, decent for a tech rifle PE, what's that worth relative to a redeemer, good for a rifle spy (although not as much since the max range is about 5x the max drawing distance)?

04-02-06, 21:02
Ray of God's and Redeemers aren't really in high demand.

The Redeemer is only about as useful as it ever was ... i.e. not much.

The Ray of God has been significantly nerfed - not even PE's use it these days.

05-02-06, 11:15
Both are underestimated in pvm though, the RoG is amazing for it's low ammo consumption and it's relative high damage/slow rate of fire in caves or dungeons.

And the redeemer really shreds mobs to pieces if you keep your distance.

And i don't even think the RoG was nerfed that bad, it's just that KK broke rayweapons some patch ago. I.e. they work fine on a standing target but do near to no damage on a moving target. Happens with RoG, RolH, HL, Ravager these days and all guns of that type. :rolleyes:

06-02-06, 04:42
do you think i'd be able to trade a RoG for a Redeemer?

Is one worth more than the other?

06-02-06, 04:55
Depends on slots/stats but i think they are probably around the same price range, im not sure which one would have more value, but as i said Prob around the same.

Bozz-Von Mel
15-02-06, 11:26
As for Biotech implants I have a barter char with FSM access. I usually charge the price I pay plus a tip. Tip is player discretion. I see no point in charging excessivley.

15-02-06, 13:45
RD for 5mil? Did you do a typo and not type 2 or 3, or less? o_O

No typo m8. If you re-read my thread i said UP TO!
i.e. its the most i have seen paid for those chips.

I have also seen a moveon go for 500k who wouldn't buy it?
and an SA for 6mil !
but hell it depends on what they want the cash for, how fast they need it, and who's on when they sell it. ;)

19-02-06, 21:08
First time I used a Redeemer for hunting warbots and firemobs I almost wet myself with surprise. 8|

Redeemer spy is the best class I've used for rare hunting. Especially at the battledome. More powerful than a Silent Hunter.

Anyone used it in PvP from a distance?

19-02-06, 21:26
I made the mistake of using it at close range once.

At long range, it rocks.