View Full Version : [Terra] TL90 NCPD Plasma Rife & TL71 Gatlin Rifle

29-01-06, 00:08
Why they take out the NCPD Plasma Rifle :( and Gatlin Rilfe still exsist? I heard it drops now

Mr Kot
29-01-06, 05:30
Gatlin rifles still exist at all tech levels. They do drop from the anarchist beggars in the abandoned BD HQ, but you can also buy them from a smuggler at MB.

As for NCPD plasma rilfes.. never heard of them O_o Is there a story behind that? Is it a similar story to the old copbot rifles?

02-02-06, 05:40
It was a drop as far as i know

and i've never seen the TL71 Gatlin Rilfe @ MB O_o wt...

02-02-06, 05:41
arent those guys like 120/120 O_o