View Full Version : [Terra] NC 1 Holy Pestilence

22-01-06, 17:59
Right. I found that in one of my old apartments some time ago, gotta make a price check.

3 slot fully artifact Neocron 1 Holy Pestilence. What would people pay for that?
As i haven't got an APU anymore and i don't need it on my hybrid i'm thinking about selling or trading it...

So what could i expect to get for it?

22-01-06, 21:03
A big box of machineguns?

22-01-06, 23:11
whats the diff between a nc1 pest and nc2?

23-01-06, 07:30
it doesnt exist in nc2 ^^

23-01-06, 15:11
Want a Moveon ? *G*

24-01-06, 15:33
I wouldnt mind a nice Poisen Swirly spell :D

how much u wanting for it

Bugs Gunny
24-01-06, 16:01
It's mad, i've seen people offer like 30+ million for them.

24-01-06, 16:32
When i offered it on trade, the first dm was 1 mil for it, the 2nd guy offered 15. :lol:

I think i'll actually try n trade it for a woc disc. :)