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17-01-06, 04:00
In the name of bring much needed roleplay to Terra, Shadowcorp the up-and-coming FA corporation is going to present a race around the world!

This will be a grueling, no-holds-barred race to the finish, open to all non-le'd chars, with big prizes and fun for all involved.

More details will follow in the coming days, but right now, we are requesting LE'd chars to volunteer to work as "corner workers" for the race legs, since "no-holds-barred" includes pvp. Having LE'd chars as corner workers can guarantee that all contestants have a fair chance at victory.

If you're interested in helping, promoting or underwriting/endorsing this event, please PM me here, or send an in-game email to The Fixer, head of Shadowcorp.

Renton Draines

[edit] please feel free to bump for a day or two
[edit again] i was thinking we could probably use a CM clan for security at Desert Racetrack. Please pm me if you're interested.

17-01-06, 13:52
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Rawr /signed i am entering.

DM me details when its sorted plz, i will check on here as well every day ,, or so :/

Any dates set for this yet

17-01-06, 14:21
OOO a bit of competition for Cmaster :lol: Hope the event goes of well