View Full Version : [Terra] Not sure what to do

12-01-06, 16:13
I just lommed to a melle pe and i find it ok , but im not sure to go to pistol pe for the slasher drug setup what would you do ?

12-01-06, 19:43
Do u still want a blessed deflector? i can sell you a 5 slot unmodded for 1m.
And plz dont throw another tantrum

12-01-06, 19:50
i went mele pe to slasher, i didn't rele like the slasher but i did find it better than the melle setup....judge FTW!!!

12-01-06, 22:46
no ta russki
i got a 3 slot for 10k ;)
umm , i mite go to melle pe to judge pe not sure thoe :confused:

12-01-06, 23:06
Any way i can still stay melle and be a slasher pe
all i have to do is take all the str imps out and put pistol in and lom all my rifle into t-c and pistol.
i can be both at the same time :D
just the matter of switching imps over each time
melle got nothing to do with dex :D

13-01-06, 00:46
melee pe's are ace, if u can be arsed to get loads of the rare drugs from the swamp cave shamen its even better.
Hmm so fast, pure dex in agility meaning mad con setup and hmm damage boost sanctum.