View Full Version : [Terra] WTS Mutliple Items, You should look tbh

12-01-06, 12:23
Willing to sell Mutliple items as listed below

Rifle PE PowerArmour 3 (300k)
Rifle PE PowerArmour 4 (350k)
Rifle PE PowerArmour 3 - Camo Style :) (500k)
Pistol PE PowerArmour 3 (300k)
Pistol PE PowerArmour 4 (350k)
Pistol PE PowerArmour 3 - Camo Style :) (500k)

Black Dragon Resist Drugs

Red (6k)
Yellow (6k)
Green (6k)
Blue (6k)
White Dragon (6k)
(Please note - 550k for 100 drugs. 1000k for 200 Drugs)
All these Drugs are Sold in minumum Packs of 50 and i am willing to sell in any Amount

DoY Appartments

Varried Sectors and Levels (Furnished and Un-Furnished) (Vareid Prices, Contact for info)

Devourer BP (5k)
BD Construction license (1k)

For any of these items ingame please e-mail/dm

Pantho Pe
,or reply to this post ty.

El Barto
13-01-06, 03:42

(Please note - 550k for 100 drugs. 1000k for 200 Drugs)

I take it you mean 100k for 200 drugs not 1000k (1 mill) for 200 drugs, you might want to edit that ;). Anyway when I can get ingame next (still can't play neocron at University yet :( ) I will DM you about getting some Dev BPs :).

13-01-06, 04:54
I think hes talking about the Dragon Drugs, so the price would be accurate

13-01-06, 16:27
ROFL! 100k for 200 Black dragon drugs :/

Yes i ment 1 million, Which i tihnk is fairly cheap considering most ingame forums sell them for 8k each, even in bulk

That would be 1.6million for 200 :)

El Barto
14-01-06, 00:45

Sorry that was my mistake I miss read the first part I thought it said 55k for 100 drugs not 550k and it got me all confused. There is a lesson for me here, don't post on forums at 2am =/

16-01-06, 11:47
Yea, some1 close this thread plz, the Char got delete.... so i cant get the items anymore

Bugs Gunny
16-01-06, 12:08
FETISH will hapily continue delivery of these items at the above listed prices :angel:

16-01-06, 12:22
lol stolen.

17-01-06, 12:11
Well considering the god dam char got deleted by mistakes, i dont care lol

Plus, thos prices where better than fetish, he just lowered them to match mine :p

Bugs Gunny
17-01-06, 12:58
Bah, i'd like to see you sell beast etc at 2k a pop.

17-01-06, 13:32
considering they can be buitl for 560c with a barter, it isnt hard :p

Any1 wanting some beast/red flash etc research/const them

560c for a trison with barter and thats all it needs :p

{EDIT} Oh and they dont need much Const or Ress - PPU buff plus Glove and any household spy could make them :)

17-01-06, 13:50
btw, just to add

Fetish is a safe clan to trade with, and if you aint got 4 hours to click ok 500 times to get drugs 2k is cheap lol.....