View Full Version : [Terra] looking for a TT clan again

06-01-06, 21:33
Well, my attempt to find a clan for my recycle-hacker failed. Not really sure what happened with Crazy-; should have taken the name to heart and Chaos seems to have too much Chaos for what I am looking for.

Droner-hacker looking for a TT guild. Am stuck in a new body was a NC1, DOY and pre-2.1 player...looking for clan to help level, help age me and for a group who would like my help in meeting their goals.

Was a member of Dark Reapers prior to TS leaving city...not above switchhing frac or rerolling. Not interested in a being a collection, cloner slave to some highroller...however not above it if it is for the collctive good of the clan. Heavy player mostly 5pm-4am cst and considering making another account active for the right RP settings if I should need.

Looking for peers...please contact via this forum, in game DM to blackmanta or via priv message from this site.

09-01-06, 10:34
DM me in game and we can sort you out with anything you will ever need. The clan is called resistance

10-01-06, 02:34
Too much chaos.

oh thanks _

10-01-06, 05:48
nothing personal...

we weren't a good fix...

i am not sure what you are all about...but i know that i wasn't about it...rather then drag it on like a shotgun wedding, bad prom or a rootcanal i left

there was so much chaos no-one really noticed.

best of luck

in guns (drones) i trust