View Full Version : [Terra] CA Clan -=Phaze=- Now Recruiting

05-01-06, 12:30
The clan has re formed and as such is very small i hope it will grow gradually and progress so we can do more.

We are a friendly , team orientated clan offering help for all level players.

There is no minimum faction sympathy requirements.

We are very active and will do our best to supply our players with the best items ( this may be a litle hard in the beggining ).

If you are looking for some active players a freindly team then Phaze is for you.

We offer a Ventrillo server for clan players.

DM me in game for more details.

Puplle Penetrator PPU
Puprle Lady

05-01-06, 12:33
Nice to see some new clans ecspecially CA ones.

Oh and incase your wondering Ive played Neocron since beta3.

Getting sick of people thinking im a nib because of my forum account _

11-01-06, 04:31
Hopefully be seeing you soon Purple.

11-01-06, 08:11
Getting sick of people thinking im a nib because of my forum account _
Maybe your forum account isn't always the reason why :rolleyes:

11-01-06, 12:27
No it is if you take being a 'nib' and how long ive played into account.

11-01-06, 16:02
Hmmm recruiting isnt as easy as it used to be .....

Where are all the CA where have you gone ... COME TO ME join the clan lol

11-01-06, 16:31
Isn't Phaze the one with Nobby in it? :D And you may wana change the sig there!

11-01-06, 17:14
Oh poo forgot about sig lol and we did have nobby in it before and then re made clan lol

11-01-06, 18:29
Cool. Should be some decent Op wars coming up soon then. See you lot around and about.

11-01-06, 19:33
I'm activating my account tomorrow Purple , hopefully you'll let me in to your fine guild. :D

12-01-06, 11:39
heheh yeah hoping to get back up to speed pretty fast ..... We got the old NC 1 vets of the clan coming back which is awesom so yeah see you on the battlefield.

PS DM me in game to join

Bugs Gunny
12-01-06, 13:34
With the new faction symp rules and the silly npc missions i think you'll find it hard to recruit people who are not CA and have been in combat a bit.

12-01-06, 15:13
Fa Ftw Tbh Byob.

12-01-06, 17:16
Where theres a will theres a way and I am a very persistant lady.

Watch this space and wish me luck