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24-12-05, 22:14
Once considered nothing more than rowdy toughs on two-wheelers, motorcycle gangs have evolved into crime units that are sufficiently well-oiled and well-organized to rival the Mafia. It's not just police officers who lump these groups together. Documented evidence in state, provincial and federal courts throughout Neocron city, the Dome, and Tokyo suggests that motorcycle gangs have become organized crime entities equal to the Mafia on many fronts. Biker gangs are organized internationally, with chapters in thoughout the wastelands and in major civilation areas. As retired NYPD CopBot Officer Joe Saterster noted in 2751 at a wasteland-area Outlaw Motorcycle Gang training seminar, "Biker gangs are the only sophisticated organized crime groups that we export [from Neocron]."

Motorcycle gangs attempt to manipulate the criminal justice system through bribery. Documented evidence shows that gangs will use money, drugs or sexual favours to develop intelligence files on rival gangs and factions, as well as on the police. This corruption has even been known to include the occasional NYPD police officer.

Some gangs have religious overtones, such as one active gang in the wastelands that kills monks and frowns on PA usage. It is rumoured that this gang has an affliation with the Anachy Breed. The NYPD and certain CM members are interested in eliminating this particular gang. The Dome has expressed some concern over the gang's current disruption, but might be muted due to some neutrallity it has with some factions currently residing within the Dome.

* You have to drive a bike with wheels. We're bikers.
* You have to have negative sympathy with your faction, or be factionless, or be AB
* No CA
* No monks
If you cannot fire a weapon and cannot ride a bike then feck off.

Wanna join: Find and talk to Casseur Faible on Neptune.