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21-12-05, 11:51
HelloI am quite new player 12 days, I have been playing neo1 some 2 years ago. was told if i ant BP of pulselaser pistols i should ask here, so anybody would be interested to sell them to me, need tl č and tl ě pulselaser pistol which isnt available anywhere in shops in Neocron 2.1 Also ianything interesting for newbie would be nice, thanks for any answer.

21-12-05, 18:29
I don't know about the others, but the tl numbers you specified don't appear as numbers to me, they appear as letters of the Yugoslavian alphabet to me O.o

Might want to spell the tl numbers in words.

22-12-05, 01:13
yeah, I'm also seeing crazy unicode stuff.

22-12-05, 09:54
well, there are only :

TL18 Tangent Substandart Pulselaser Pistol
TL64 Tangent Pulselaser Pistol (TT FSM says sh-hardy)
TL92 Tangent Assault Pulselaser Pistol

23-12-05, 10:26
Sorry to all, yes, my bad bad keyboard :>
tl64 pulse laser
tl92 pulse laser