View Full Version : [Terra] CLUB VOGUE Open House

19-12-05, 09:54
eXL Presents - Club Vogue

Club Vogue is now open for public display as we add the finishing touches to complete the project.
Club Vogue is Neocron's newest and most exclusive private club! Let us be the place of your choice for hosting parties, meetings, events, and any other service we can provide.
You will find us near the seaside Viarosso 3 apartments of Blue Plex Center, enter B. The password is Vogue.

Use the chair trick to enter the appartment for now until I can get some egm support to install a door opener =)

19-12-05, 10:18
That's really nice. :)

19-12-05, 16:51
Oh my god, now I really want a viarosso top floor apartment.

19-12-05, 17:46
looks really nice.

PS: Please install a damn opener my dear GMs.